Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend coming to a close...

When you were younger the days felt like weeks and weeks felt like months, now days feel like hours or even minutes... Another weekend is coming to an end :( The boys went to the lake for the afternoon while I photographed a dear friend of mine's new baby girl and her 2 year son. We had an extra long photo shoot and it was SOOOO much fun! When the boys got home Ben had to finish mowing the grass and of course the boys had to help!

Porter decided that his lawn mower was broke after several times of trying to start it and nothing...

Braylon LOVES to help mow the lawn, I only wish it would really mow.

After giving up on his lawn mower Porter decided he would rather play with the football

We then went in the backyard for the boys to play on the play set

Which turned into Porter diving face first into the pool with his clothes on, we didn't even have time to stop him!

Which then made Braylon decide that he too must jump in...

The boys then thought that Reese also needed to get wet!

We had a very busy weekend and this was a GREAT way to end the weekend!
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