Friday, October 30, 2009


I LOVE LOVE LOVE grapes... So much that Nana Pammy bought me grapes for Halloween (don't worry she said I would get candy as well...) When I see grapes I have to have them, mommy has to hide them in the shopping cart when I go to the store with her otherwise I SCREAM for them! Mommy tries to cut them in half for me so that I don't choke, but as you can see, I take them and eat them whole! I really love the big sweet ones that are in season right now! I think it is funny to bite into them and see them squirt juice across the room!

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For you!

Mommy the phone is for you... Sometimes I have to remind my mommy that I am ready for bed, I DEMAND my nums (pacifer), snuggle on Reese and get really crabby... this time I decided that I would have my crib call and tell her that I was sleepy!

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Good Helper

Mommy was going through my old clothes to see what would fit my little brother and I thought that it was so much fun to climb in and out of the totes!

Mommy was so glad to have me help, I would empty the totes, I would just throw out what I thought he could wear... which was everything!

I liked it so much I decided to make it feel a little more like home... my sippy cup of milk and a Thomas book, now all I need is Pablo and my nums!
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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brotherly love!

I really love to give my baby brother Porter kisses. So mommy decided to try and take pictures of the both of us! It didn't go very well, I didn't want to sit still long enough for my mom to take them and Porter is making a funny face! But she thinks it is too cute, so I decided to post one anyways... If you like to see my brother on my blog, you should check him out on his blog -
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Mommy thought that I looked pretty silly... Cooking, riding on my giraffe all while watching Backyardigans! I am a great multi-tasker, what can I say?!?!?!
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My Chair

My Great Grandpa got me this chair for my birthday! I love it so much, to sit in it, stand in it and rock in it! Mommy and daddy tell me that I have to stay sitting in it otherwise I don't get it! As you can see they really hold up their side of the threat! I mean I know I am not going to get hurt, I am a very good climber, so they shouldn't worry so much!
Grandma was trying to hold me down... I say no, no grandma!
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Hello everyone I went to bed as a little boy and woke up a Gorilla! I know I was just as shocked as you are... The most shocking thing of all is that just my head became Gorilla... Mommy said that on the 31st of October I will turn all Gorilla and that I can carry around a banana every where I go (because apparently Gorilla's really like banana's, but I bet not as much as me!), for now I will just carry around my shoe and pretend to eat it!

Since I became part Gorilla I thought it would be funny to try and scare my puppy Reese. Unfortunately he didn't get very scared, so I decided that I would just snuggle with him! I think that he was pretty happy to have a Gorilla as a friend, now he can take on big bullie's like Maddison :)
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Friday, October 16, 2009

No more ice cream!

I was really sad when daddy told me that all the Coldstone Ice Cream was gone! I like Ice Cream a lot, but I LOVE Coldstone Ice Cream... I mean really LOVE it!

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Candon came to New Ulm, to stay with Grandma Joan, so he came to my house to play! I was so excited to play with Candon, I haven't seen him since my birthday party in August!
Here we are playing on the my couch, Candon loved it so much, I think I am going to have my mommy find him a Mickey Mouse one! He loves Mickey....
I was a little bit mean to Candon... My mommy had to have a talk with me about being nice... I just thought that he was trying to be like Reese laying on the floor, and this is what I do to Reese, so I was just a little bit confused!

I let Candon push me around in my Tonka Truck....
and we were pretending to be Fire Fighters with my Fire Engine. There weren't any fires, we tried to talk Porter into making a fire so that we could put it out... He wouldn't though...

Candon and I had so much fun playing together, we have decided that we are going to talk to our parents about moving to the same town so that we can play together every day! I mean isn't that what you have cousins for?

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


I LOVE spongebob, well actually I just love the song in the beginning! Mommy says that I zone out when that song comes on! Well what little boy wouldn't love dancing and bouncing to that tune?

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Home Sick :(

Yesterday I had to go to the doctor because I was having a hard time breathing! I found out that I have Bronchitis, I am not really sure what that means, except that I have to wear a silly mask that fogs some medicine into my lungs... Mommy calls it a Neb, I call it a gas mask! But because I was sick yesterday, I get to stay home with mommy, Porter and Reese today! It sure is great! Mommy feels so bad for me I get to do pretty much whatever I want to do.... sharing my get better juice with Reese!

...playing with daddy's old cell phone!

...I even get to walk around with my Nuk

I love being home with mommy so much, I think that I am going to talk to my daddy about having her stay home all day everyday with us! I know that Porter would love it as well... I mean daddy should love it, she would be home to make him lunch and do laundry and keep the house clean (or that is what we will tell dad, really it would be to just play, play, play).
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Bath Time!

I LOVE bath time! I really enjoy my colored bath tablets (I decided that I wanted to have a blue one tonight, pretend like I am swimming in the ocean!) and I like to stand up in the tub, I don't want to get too clean, I mean I am a boy! Mommy tries to wash me on the go! I like to dump water over the edge of the tub, mommy says that it is naughty and that I can't do it... but I just smile and laugh... Then do it again :)

I also really like to stretch in the bath tub! I lift my legs side to side, I am just keeping my legs
firm and tight! I mean it is hard to find legs with such good rolls these days!
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Pumpkin Exchange

We went to the Pumpkin exchange and I had to get all bundled up because it was so cold outside! I got to ride in Papa's wagon over to the exchange it was right across the street from their house! We had to bring a bag of food and we got to take a pumpkin! We took lots of Nana's food so that we could get two pumpkins, one for me and one for my little brother Porter!
Here I am after I got my pumpkins! The big one is for me! The little one is for Porter cause he is so small, he needed a small one!

Riding back to Nana's and Papa's in the wagon! I was so happy to get more pumpkins, although it was really cold outside! It was still sure fun to pick them out and have Nana pull me around! I can't wait to carve them, daddy says not until it is a little closer to Halloween! Mommy is excited for pumpkin seeds, she says YUMMY! Daddy says YUCK! I am sure that I will love them, just like my mommy!

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Me and my Trucks

I love to play with my Tonka truck, especially because I can stand in it, sit in it and push it! The best thing to do is to stand in it! I also love to play with my Radio Flyer Fire Engine! I love to beep the horn and ding the bell! I could play with those two toys all day! Mommy tells me to sit down, I just smile and then squat for a second, then I go back to standing! I am so tricky sometimes!
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Go Twins!

The Twins had a pretty big game the other night, so I decided that I should help cheer them on! So I had a Twins ballon tied to my wrist and walked it around to make sure that everyone at home knew that we needed to cheer them on!

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Reese and Me!

I love playing with my four legged brother Reese! We love to do everything together! He especially likes it when I wake him up from his naps, he usually gives me kisses when I wake him up, which means he must like it!

Reese is terrified of a play drill that I have, it makes noise and the end piece turns. He gets really crazy and growls at it! I think it is so funny, I laugh so hard and when I am sad about something I like to get my drill out and make Reesey dance! He really enjoys it as well!

Reese and I really enjoy playing at Papa Todd's! We are best buddies, Papa lets Reese and I do anything that we want to do! Reese gets to just lounge around on the couch or in Papa's truck (he is building an old truck in the garage and Reesey really likes to sit in there while Papa Todd works on it!). The best thing about going to Nana's and Papa's (other than getting to spend time with them) is that they leave all of their snacks right at our level, so when we go there, I get to just walk right over and grab whatever snacks I want to eat! My mommy tells Nana that she has to move them all, because I already have a buddah belly! Nana and I worked something out, so she leaves them down there :)

Reese and I love to look outside together! We stand by the doors and the windows and watch the big kids in the neighborhood play! Or we watch daddy grill supper! It has been a little bit too cold for me to go outside to play, so I watch when Reese goes outside, he goes crazy, running around on the porch and jumping up and down steps! I really like to watch him do silly things! He is the best puppy ever! Now mommy and me have to talk daddy into getting Porter his own puppy, cause I don't think that I will share Reese!

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My brother

Today I found out that I really did have a baby brother! So I decided that I would share the lime light and show you my baby brother! Porter came home from the hospital, I really don't mind him, I like to walk over to him and touch his head and steal his blankets (I think that all blankets should be mine!) My mommy and daddy said that I adjusted very well to having a baby brother! I like to try and help mommy when he cries, I pull on mommy's arm and try to see what is wrong. And when mommy is feeding Porter I like to climb up on the couch next to them and see what they are doing. So all in all, I like having a baby brother, although he doesn't do a whole lot right now, mommy and daddy talk about all the trouble that he and I will get into when we get a little older! Mommy says she can't wait ;)
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Mommy gave me a Twix bar in the car! I was kind of crabby because I didn't want to be in the car, so my mommy gave me a Twix bar to keep me happy! As you can see it sure did work! I am like my grandma's... I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Dinner Time... Yummy....

I am working on feeding myself these days! So as you can see, things get a little bit messy, but I don't mind, that way I make sure that I get a bath every night before bed :) My mommy says that she created a monster, because now every time I eat I HAVE to have my own utensils and want to feed myself! Mom says that we will continue to work on it! As you can see I sure do make a mess, so to ensure that I get a lot of food into my mouth, I need two spoons and a fork! As you can see I am a very happy boy when I get to eat all by myself... Or when food is around period! I really enjoy lunch time!
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I AM BACK!!!!!

I have taken a little break from my blog, but my mommy says that it is time to get back into the swing of things and help to update all of the people far away! So decided that after a nice hair cut and a sucker that I guess I could do that! Plus a lot has sure changed!
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