Sunday, July 31, 2011

Weekend coming to a close...

When you were younger the days felt like weeks and weeks felt like months, now days feel like hours or even minutes... Another weekend is coming to an end :( The boys went to the lake for the afternoon while I photographed a dear friend of mine's new baby girl and her 2 year son. We had an extra long photo shoot and it was SOOOO much fun! When the boys got home Ben had to finish mowing the grass and of course the boys had to help!

Porter decided that his lawn mower was broke after several times of trying to start it and nothing...

Braylon LOVES to help mow the lawn, I only wish it would really mow.

After giving up on his lawn mower Porter decided he would rather play with the football

We then went in the backyard for the boys to play on the play set

Which turned into Porter diving face first into the pool with his clothes on, we didn't even have time to stop him!

Which then made Braylon decide that he too must jump in...

The boys then thought that Reese also needed to get wet!

We had a very busy weekend and this was a GREAT way to end the weekend!
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Ben and I are so excited about having a HEALTHY baby GIRL! Although I think that our excitement is overshadowed by the excitement that Grandma Pammy and Braylon have! Braylon talks about his baby sister all of the time and Grandma Pammy has bought every store in a 35 mile radius out of girl outfits ;) Braylon gets so excited whenever we get something new for his baby sister, telling me "That is for my baby sister!" He even knows that his baby sister is coming when it is cold and there is snow on the ground, which as much as we don't want winter to come any sooner then it needs to, we do want Baby J to come, so we will have to welcome cold and snow.

Braylon checking out all of Baby J's clothes as I was hanging them up in Porter's closet.

A picture of some of the clothes that Grandma Pammy has purchased!

Baby J's collection of clothes thus far! We have only known for 5 days and she has already taken over half of Porter's closet, which he is NOT very happy about! It is a good thing that he gets to make his room change soon! 
Thanks Grandma Pammy for being so good to us! We love you!!!

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SuNdAy FuNDaY!!!!!!!

This morning Ben and his parents did a little yard work at our house, the boys wanted to be outside of course and with the rising temperatures we all got very HOT! So I decided that it was time to invest in a swimming pool for the boys to have at home! Porter and I went and bought one and we filled it up right away. The boys were hot enough to actually jump in the chilling water without hesitation! It was COLD I put my foot in it and couldn't believe they were swimming!

Braylon splashing water

Porter just thrilled about the pool!

The pool was a big hit, the boys had a blast.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boys Photoshoot Attempt 2...

Well tonight Ben had to work late, so the boys and I decided it would be a perfect time to go and do the boys birthday pictures. I have these images in my mind of what I want and well tonight didn't give me the kind of turn out I was hoping for, I guess that is what I get for going alone! It is too difficult for me to try and find the spot to take the picture, entertain them, take the picture and chase after them and try and be in front of them taking pictures. I got a few that I like and ones that I really like but they didn't turn out and they are not fixable... Darn it. So we will go out again next week (we have a busy weekend) and try again... With some help :)

Playing with color

I like this one better, it is a little harsher and it just looks old/vintage. I love the picture!

Color version

Such raw emotion he displays!

Session 2 was a success if for nothing else a learning experience!

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baby J is...

A HEALTHY baby girl!
At least they told us it is a baby girl, I am going to bring a pair of boys clothes with to the hospital just in case ;)
We are extremely excited and over joyed! That little girl already has her daddy wrapped around her finger!
Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers!
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National Night Out!

The boys, myself, Grandma Pammy, Papa Todd, and Uncle Kevin went to National Night Out last night. Braylon ate, bounced, climbed and tossed our way into the evening.
Porter was not so excited to be there, he is getting some teeth in and well teething doesn't suit him too well!
We got there and the first thing we had to do was fill our tummies!
After we ate Pizza we ventured to check everything out!

Braylon found the Ambulance

Then we found the bouncy house, Braylon jumped in without even hesitating. Porter wanted to just check out the puppy on the top. He wouldn't get in or let Grandma put him down. 
Braylon then looked at the Police Snow vehicle, he thought that was just the coolest!

His FAVORITE thing to do was climb the National Guard wall! He did it twice and would have gone again and again had the line not gotten soooooo long! 
Porter didn't climb the wall but he went through the last part of the obstacle course.

He was very proud of himself for climbing through all by himself!

Braylon going down the big slide

Then through the obstacle course!

Porter and Grandma talking, Porter wasn't to fond of being there, other then the food and the puppy that he got to see, he pretty much just looked at whatever with Grandma. It is a good thing he has such a wonderful Grandma to just do whatever he wants, whenever he wants!

After he climbed the wall twice, Braylon said he wanted a slushy, so he and Porter got one, while we were standing in line he asked for a giant pickle, then ate half of it and decided he needed some cotton candy as well! Good thing sugar doesn't make him crazy!
Other then the hot humid temperature it was a great time!

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Monday, July 25, 2011

Important Day!

Tomorrow is a very important day for the Jensen family! We have our 20 week ultrasound. As the 24 hour mark fell upon me, my stress level began to rise and I have been feeling a little short of breath and nauseous ever since (the joy's of being a worrier). 20 week ultrasounds usually are filled with excitement and joy as parents are finding out the gender of their unborn children or growing excited to see the baby wiggle and flip within them. Part of our 20 week ultrasound is filled with what ifs and percentages (in my eyes, not Ben's). Of course I am excited to find out if we will be welcoming a baby boy or a baby girl to our family, but there is a part of me that wonders if we will draw that "lucky" straw a third time! As I find myself in a slight state of worry, I pulled up Shutterfly and looked through two albums, one entitled Braylon's beginning, the other Porter's beginning. Both of them started off very similar, had VERY different mid-sections and ended very much the same!
As I was looking through the pictures, I kept telling myself the same thing that I have been telling myself for the past 20 weeks, that even if Baby J has Gastroschisis like his/her big brothers we have something that a lot of parents at Children's don't get to have in the end; a child free and clear of any permanent medical issues or problems.
It is amazing how far they have come!

Braylon minutes after birth, on his way to Children's to be whisked away to surgery. Daddy was by his side the entire way :)

Porter minutes after birth, already arrived at Children's. Again Daddy was there with him the entire time, up until surgery!

Them today (well actually last Tuesday)!
We count our blessing every day for these two little boys!
And we will do the same with Baby J, no matter what we find out...
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Sleepy Eye Water Park!

Our children LOVE the water, if you can't tell by the none stop post's involving water! Sunday afternoon we went to the Sleepy Eye water park with Grandma Pammy and Melissa, Ashley and her 3 kids. The boys had a blast! So much to do and so many places to play!
Next we are going to try out Gaylord water park :)

Porter going down the little slide. He was a big fan!

Braylon's turn next! He was also a very big fan.

Mommy and Porter going down the big slide! We would get done and he would say again again! Luckily Daddy REALLY loved the slides and going fast just like Porter!

Mommy sending Porter down the slide!

Daddy and Bray went down the slide! He loved it too!

That time they went under and it was REALLY funny!
We had so much fun swimming and kicking and screaming! Thanks Grandma Pammy for the great idea!
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Porter Part 1

Porter is going to be 2 on September 3rd! So I am trying to get his and Braylon's 2 & 3 year pictures done, while it is still nice out :) Our schedules are filling up, so we will have to pick a few weeknights to get them done. We were going to do them on Saturday but the weather didn't look the nicest and we had a baseball game at 12 to attend, so when it finally did warm up, it was too late for us to start. So we went to the park on Sunday morning and I did manage to get a few of Porter, Braylon was busy spinning on the tire swing and running up and down the slides... So Porter was my focus as he was just fascinated with the yellow slide! (A few of them are going to need to be edited).
Porter is one of those Children that wear his expression on his sleeve! You know what he is thinking or feeling by the look on his face! When he is happy he sparkles, you can see his true personality! You can see when he is being silly, or mad or really mad! I love all of the faces that he makes, even when he is REALLY MAD, you can't help but laugh and smile!

Many Many more to come! I have a lot of location ideas in mind, so stay tuned :)

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Sunday Morning Fun!

Sunday Morning I was suppose to take Kenley's 3 month pictures, but she was a little unhappy so we decided to reschedule! Which left Ben and I an open morning, which are getting very rare in our household, as the last weekends of summer are getting more and more busy!
Ben had to do some Fantasy Football stuff, so the boys and I made Oatmeal and Walnut and Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip cookies! YUMMY! (No pictures of that, to busy trying to prevent kids from eating the raw batter and from dumping in too much of this and not enough of that!)
While our batter chilled in the refrigerator for a few hours we decided to head to the park, we met Grandma Joan, to play for a little while. I also wanted to get a start on the boys 2 and 3 year pictures (it breaks my heart to say those ages), and there is no better place to start then the park!

Braylon had a lot of fun in this swing!

Porter getting ready to go down the slide!

Going up the slide! This is where Porter spent 90% of his time!

Braylon tried out the tire swing! Porter tried also, but isn't big enough for it this year.

Braylon getting spun around and around (needs to be edited)

Porter going down the slide again!

Braylon tried out the beaver, for all of 1 second!

Look at me, I made it to the top!!!
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