Monday, July 18, 2011

Hot Hot days!

This weekend has been HOT! Yesterday we were excited to spend the day with wonderful friends, thank you Maggie, Sam and Benjamin for coming to New Ulm and spending the day with us! We were suppose to go to the Bavarian Blast parade but because of the crazy temperatures that we were dealing with, we decided that we would go swimming instead. So we headed up to Ben's parents house and used their pool while they were at the lake (with their permission of course). The kids had a great time, Sam I think had the most fun (Maggie's husband), he was very entertaining and very funny to watch!

Benjamin was so careful getting into the water, he would sit down and slide in. Very adorable to watch!

Braylon is a fish! Born to be in the water all day every day! He swam his little heart out and can actually swim all by himself. He is pretty independent in the water. He jumps off of the diving board by himself and swims to the ledge and go's again and again and again. He can swim from one end of the pool to the other with a few rest's during. His arms and legs are building lots of muscle! Of course there is always an adult near by, especially when he is jumping off of the diving board!

Porter loves to be in the water as well, although he wants to be very INDEPENDENT in water he is unable to swim by himself yet, so that is not an option for him. So we usually have to have one or two "small breaks" from swimming for him to calm down and for him to understand what he can and can't do. Porter has NO fear of the water, none what-so-ever! He will jump off into the deep even when no one is around, he will jump right off of the shallow ledge and try to swim himself. While we are glad he doesn't have a fear of the water, it is also very scary as there has to be someone by him at ALL times! He definitely keeps us on our toes :)

Bray jumping off of the diving board, he asked Ben to catch him this time.
Porter also loves to jump off of the diving board and actually enjoys going under the water.

Big splashes!

Swimming back to the ledge

Benjamin putting on chap stick, to keep those lips hydrated!

Thank you Schroeder's for coming and spending the day with us! We had a blast like always and can't wait for Baby Schroeder to make her appearance any day now :)

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