Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day!

This weekend was a busy weekend for us, we had Zack's Graduation party on Sunday and we didn't get home until after 9 Sunday night. Congratulations Uncle Zig on your Graduation and moving on to the next phase of your life :) We love you dearly! (Sorry no pictures, too busy chasing children and chatting with family).

Monday the weather was BEAUTIFUL out minus those pesky gnats! So we headed up to Grandma Joan’s so that the boys could go swimming with cousin Candon before he headed back home. The boys had a wonderful time swimming and running around like crazy boys!


Grams chasing Braylon, he has NO FEAR of water at all! He would jump into the water when no one was there to catch him!
Porter getting acclimated to the water, he wasn't a big fan until he realized that he could just stand on the ledge and do is own thing (with someone right next to him to make sure he didn't step off of the ledge).
Porter went down the slide with daddy!

Grams and Bray watching Uncle Ziggy and Blake play in the pool, they were very fun to watch!

Porter went over to play with Blake from the side of the pool!

Bray wanted to join in on the fun too :)

Then he and Ziggy played catch

While P took a water break!

We then went home grabbed Reese and went to Nama Pammy's and Papa Todd's for steak kabobs and sweet corn! YUM!

It was a great holiday weekend spent with family!
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Date Night!

Ben and I went on a date night to the Twins on Saturday night. We were so lucky to have gotten nice weather for the entire game. We have been to Target field a few times and it always amazes me how amazing it is there. We got to sit in the Legends club sky deck this time, the seats were wonderful and the lounge was great, filled with anything you could ever want, except mini donuts (which a women in front of us said she had to walk all the way to the other side of the stadium and down a floor to get them for her children, so I had to count those out right away). We actually got to witness one of the Twins few wins thus far in the season!
It is always wonderful to get out of the house just Ben and I, we don't do it enough but we both cherish the times that we do! We are going to try our hardest to get out a little more often just the two of us before Baby J #3 arrives this winter.
Thank you Nama Pammy and Papa Todd for taking the boys and Reese so that we could go :) We love you and truly can't thank you enough!
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mommy Bray Date night!

Last night Braylon and Mommy went to Kung Foo Panda 2 just the two of us! It was a great time, spending the evening just the two of us! It was Bray's first movie theatre experience, he did AMAZING, almost made it to the end, but he couldn't sit still, for fear of falling asleep! So we snuck out right at the end, it will definitely be a must buy, very good movie!

Mommy and Bray before leaving for the movie! Raffie (Bray's giraffe got to come with too)

Bray sitting on the bench waiting for us to get our tickets, he really wanted Popcorn, so he sat and waited very patiently for us to get our tickets so we could load up on candy and popcorn!

Watching the previews with his 3-D glasses on!
Thank you Bray for an amazing evening, we will do it again in one month when Cars 2 comes out :)
We may even bring Daddy and Porter with us!
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Just like Daddy...

He looks just like Benjamin!
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Baket - Ball!

Porter LOVES, and that is an understatement, Basketball. He actually sleeps with a full sized basketball in his crib with him. Whenever he sees a basketball hop, he gets very excited yelling Baket-ball. If Basketball is on t.v. he jumps up and down yelling Baket-ball! Then smiles from ear to ear! It is very cute to watch and makes Ben a very proud father!

Snuggling watching Basketball Finals!

I asked if Mommy could have the basketball, this was his reaction followed with No, No, No's!

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Outside Play!

Thursday was a nice enough day that we could go outside and enjoy some fresh air! Ben had the day off and sprayed our backyard for weeds, so we had to play in the front.

Bray cutting the grass, he was a little upset that Ben did it while he was at daycare, so he had to go over it again just make sure daddy did it right!

Porter was riding up the incline on the front sidewalk... He will have legs of steel doing that over and over again!

 On our walk, Porter decided that Bray needed a hug! They were adorable!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Block me in Mommy!

Braylon has been demanding his own space, and the right to all of the toys in the house. If he has to go to the bathroom we have to bring the toys with us or he has to have Mommy or Daddy hide them so "Porter no get them!". Last night Port kept taking Braylon's trucks, cars, tractors, car ramp, so Bray brought all of his toys over to the front entrance and brought his blanket and asked me to block him in, so Porter no get my toys! So I laid out his blanket for him while he brought rocking chairs and Cozy Coupe's and anything else you could think of to block himself in! He brought every single truck, tractor and car in there with him.. Porter was not impressed!

This is the beginning of Bray's Boy Cave, No little brothers allowed...
My camera died otherwise I would have gotten a picture of the end result! But it was amazing how much he fit in there and how organized it all was...
Next time we will have to make Porter his own boy cave, he thought it was pretty cool.
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Hair cuts!!!!

The boys have been in desperate need for a hair cut, so we went last night and meet our favorite hair stylist and got their hair cut! The boys love to go, Amber spoils them with suckers, smarties and whatever else they want! Port still sits in Mommy's lap to get his hair cut, otherwise he will wiggle himself right off of the chair. Braylon sits like such a big boy and chats Amber's ear off! Here is a not very good after picture, the boys were too busy watching Monster's!
We can't believe how much Porter looks like Bray when his hair is cut short!
Unfortunetly Porter's hair is still so thin and fine (especially on the top) it looks like he has no hair!

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Love that smile!

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Time for Haircuts...

We have some crazy hair going on! Good thing they get haircuts on Wednesday :)
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Vehicle Fair

Again this is being posted late...
We took the boys to the vehicle fair, the boys had a wonderful time.

The apple of their eye! The Skid Steer. Skid Steers are pretty big deals in our house (all construction veichles or vehicle for that matter are big deals, but Skid Steers top the cake). So the fact that there was a skid steer that they could sit in and touch was the coolest thing ever! Neither one wanted to leave it alone.

Bray in Skid Steer heaven! He was so mad that he had to get out that he actually tried climbing in on top of a girl, not like him at all!

Porter enjoying his turn in the Skid Steer!
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That Not Momma's car... She doesn't need two! Daddy needs two...

Those would be the words of our wonderful Braylon... My father bought Ben and I a 1950 Cadillac Coupe DeVille for a wedding gift, it needs to be restored and will not be ready for a while, as he is in the middle of finishing an old truck for my youngest brother and re-doing his bathrooms in his house, he needs to make my mother happy too ;) When Braylon got to see our car, he told Nama Pammy that Mommy doesn't need to car's, Daddy does... Well Mr. Braylon Max, I guess I know which one of my boys is going to get to drive it and his name starts with the letter P :) It is a very cool car and we are very excited for it to be done! We will update pictures as we go!

 The front of the Cadillac

The side view, it is a long car. It will look much better then this when he is done!

That is Uncle Shawn's Truck, almost all done! You should have seen it before he started!
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Good Little Helper!

Last weekend (sorry this is a week late, have been a little busy, so updating has taken a back seat) Bray helped Ben cut our grass or dandelion field, which ever you prefer to call it. Braylon was so excited to get out his lawn mower and help Ben cut the grass. Bray told me that he needs a big lawn mower like Daddy, so he doesn't have to empty his bag so much! He sure does have an imagination :) It was a bit chily with the wind, so Bray required that he have his hat on.

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Silly Messy Monkey!

Porter is an entertainer! He always has his Mr. Funny pants on! At dinner we have to try and keep him busy so that he doesn't realize that food is being cooked, otherwise he wants to eat everything in sight! So we decided to give him some Mandarin oranges to tie him over until supper was done... He ate all of his oranges and then picked his bowl up with his mouth and was flopping it so it would hit his forehead, he thought this was the FUNNIEST thing every...

Porter being messy as always!
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Two pink lines!!!!

Ben and I were yet again taken back by the wonderful news that we will be welcoming Baby J #3 :) We had our 10 week appointment last week and everything looks great! We got to have an ultrasound because it was just a bit to soon to hear the heartbeat with the Doppler, so we instead got to go and see Baby J for the first time. It was a wonderful joy to see that everything this far looks good and baby looks healthy, with a due date of December 12th.
This joyous time is filled with crazy emotions, as I can't imagine going through all that we went through with the boys again, so we are praying and hoping that this pregnancy is just your normal boring pregnancy! Thus far it has been, I have had little to no morning sickness, a welcomed relief as with the boys I was sick the entire first 3 months.  
Braylon is excited to have a baby sister (he tells me it is a sister, because he already has a brother)... He then told Ben that he wants to name her Benjamin :) Later that evening he told me he wanted to name her Monster Truck! With those name options who needs a baby name book ;)
 Porter on the other hand, I am not sure how well he will adjust, it is a scary thought! We may have to keep Baby and Porter separated for the first few months, as Porter is very much a mommy's boy, it could be a difficult transition for him! So it is no surprise that he does not share the same excitement that his older brother has!
With this exciting news came the quick decision to switch wedding plans, we have changed the date to May 26th, 2012.

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Monday, May 2, 2011

BIG news at the Jensen household...

This weekend something happened to Braylon's nuks... On Saturday night we went to his nukie box to get them out so that he could get ready for bed and when we opened the box and pulled them out, Braylon noticed that they were broke! Reese (meaning Mommy) chewed (meaning cut) the ends off of his nuks! He was such a big boy about it, he said that he had to throw them away because they were broke. We didn't let him throw them away because I figured he might want to just hold it at night. Which he didn't! He threw it on his table in his room and said I don't want this it broke! He went to bed perfectly fine and woke up at 3 am telling me in the saddest voice possible that he just want to suck on his nuk, then demanding to watch a movie, and because of the big change, mommy gave in and allowed him to watch a movie, yes at 3 am! He and I snuggled on the couch for 2 hours, until his movie came to an end and then we went into Mommy and Daddy's room to catch a few more zzz's before morning. Sunday night was just as easy until 1 am and he again wanted to watch a movie and since we had to go to work and he had to go to daycare we had to tell him no. He was not very happy he kicked, screamed and yelled at us for all of 2 minutes until he started snoring on our bedroom floor, literally was only 2 minutes. He was so exhausted that he couldn't even through a good temper tantrum! We brought him in bed with us and he continued to snore the night away.
We are very very proud of how well he has done with this transition. We had talked about the Nukie Fairy coming to take his nuks, but figured that if he decided that he didn't want them anymore that it would be best. He did tell me Saturday night that the Nukie Fairy will still come and get them and fix them for the new babies. I told him that she might... He then added "Me get Monster trucks?". So today after work we are heading to the store to pick him up the coolest Monster Truck that we can find :) Braylon also insists that the Nukie Fairy is going to bring Porter a Monster Truck, a little one... Such a good big brother he is :)
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What a weekend!!!!

We had such a great weekend, so great that I actually didn't get any pictures of it. I know that Melissa got some pictures for us, so we will have to get them from her.
On Saturday the boys and I went over to Mankato to get some summer clothes for them... We started off by heading to Olive Garden for some Spaghetti, the boys were so well behaved, it makes it easier that way when you are by yourself! We then headed out to do some shopping. After a couple hours of shopping we headed home to take naps! The rest of Saturday came and went, Ben got home from work we cooked supper and then played and were entertained by our two rumbustious children :)
Sunday we went to celebrate Cousin Caleb's first communion, good food, good company and a good reason to celebrate! We then went home let Porter nap and Braylon, Ben and I started clearing out the basement so that we can make progress on our basement... We have a deadline in mind to get it done, and it will be here before we know it :) After Porter woke up from his nap we ate supper and then headed out for a walk, the boys love to check out the Semi's that are down a few blocks from our house, and they are doing some construction in the area, so we had to walk past all of the diggers and bulldozers and every other construction machine that they have sitting there. We ended the weekend with a nice quite evening (quite in our house isn't actually quite, it is just not as loud as it normally is).
It was a nice relaxing weekend, now only if it would get a little warmer so we could spend more time outside!
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