Tuesday, July 5, 2011


We headed to the lake on Friday evening, and while the weather on the way up was horrible (I really wish my camera wasn't packed in the back of the Acadia, would have made some pretty awesome pictures), the weather once we arrived was amazing and thankfully stayed that way the entire weekend!
With two children and a dog at the lake, it has become a little less relaxing and a little more chaotic! But there was something about this weekend that was just refreshing, maybe it was the nice weather, maybe it wasn't, either way it was wonderful!
The boys got their own dose of refreshing while swimming in the chilly waters!

Porter had so much fun just playing in those rocks! He would sit on a big one and splash his legs and occasionally toss a rock a little deeper.

Testing out the deeper water
(and by deeper I mean deeper then the inch he was standing in while on the rocks)

Holy Moly Mom I am standing in water up to my waist. He thought he was pretty much the bomb, not needing to hold our hands to walk in the water (don't worry Nama Pammy we were right there to make sure they were safe!)

Porter tubing with Zackie Boy and Daddy! He thought it was fun!

Jumping in the water, with a little help from Daddy of course! The boys wouldn't jump to anybody, they just wanted to hold your hand!

Reese swam his heart out! He is so exhausted from the long weekend, I think he might sleep for a week :)

Candon came up to visit the lake on Sunday and Monday with Grams (Candon is now a big brother, his baby sister was born on Friday July 1st, so he got to spend the weekend with Grandma Joan). He wasn't a big fan of the cold lake water, but he really enjoyed the hot tub :)

Bray walking out to sea! He just had to step on that big rock before he could actually go in the water.

Jumping into the lake!

Floating away, the gentle breeze was coming in towards the cabin, so I would push him out and he would float back. When I would push him out he would say "I floating away mommy!"

Bray tubing with Daddy and Zackie Boy! Braylon was not a big fan like Porter.

Braylon thought it was fun to throw the dog's toys into the water for them, but he was throwing two of them in, for only one dog, which meant he would have to go and get the other one!

Braylon in the hot tub! He wanted to live in here, he and Candon both!

The boys had a great time swimming and it amazes me how big they are getting and how independent they are getting. It is great that they can play in the shallow end of the water and I am able to snap a few pictures. I think Porter had the most fun in the lake, he didn't care what he was wearing, shorts, swim suit, pants, if he wanted to go in he would just walk in! Braylon and Candon loved the hot tub! A nice controlled environment for them :)

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