Tuesday, July 26, 2011

National Night Out!

The boys, myself, Grandma Pammy, Papa Todd, and Uncle Kevin went to National Night Out last night. Braylon ate, bounced, climbed and tossed our way into the evening.
Porter was not so excited to be there, he is getting some teeth in and well teething doesn't suit him too well!
We got there and the first thing we had to do was fill our tummies!
After we ate Pizza we ventured to check everything out!

Braylon found the Ambulance

Then we found the bouncy house, Braylon jumped in without even hesitating. Porter wanted to just check out the puppy on the top. He wouldn't get in or let Grandma put him down. 
Braylon then looked at the Police Snow vehicle, he thought that was just the coolest!

His FAVORITE thing to do was climb the National Guard wall! He did it twice and would have gone again and again had the line not gotten soooooo long! 
Porter didn't climb the wall but he went through the last part of the obstacle course.

He was very proud of himself for climbing through all by himself!

Braylon going down the big slide

Then through the obstacle course!

Porter and Grandma talking, Porter wasn't to fond of being there, other then the food and the puppy that he got to see, he pretty much just looked at whatever with Grandma. It is a good thing he has such a wonderful Grandma to just do whatever he wants, whenever he wants!

After he climbed the wall twice, Braylon said he wanted a slushy, so he and Porter got one, while we were standing in line he asked for a giant pickle, then ate half of it and decided he needed some cotton candy as well! Good thing sugar doesn't make him crazy!
Other then the hot humid temperature it was a great time!

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