Friday, January 25, 2013

Pix and her Spaghetti

Adalyn LOVES to eat! She can eat most of us under the table. I had to stop "sharing" my meals with her and start making myself a separate plate along time ago, otherwise I wouldn't get to eat. She has never been a fan of pureed food and she still won't eat applesauce because it is pureed, since she was 6 1/2 months old she has been eating the same things that we eat. She is becoming a little more particular about what she wants to eat, it has to have flavor and a lot of it. She doesn't like toast unless it has cinnamon or garlic powder on it and she loves my jalapeno stuffed olives more than I do.
Last night we got to witness her fully enjoying her spaghetti :)
She cracks us up!
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Our kids have come down with "colds", which in our house leads to a lot of running around, screaming, laughing, playing, normal day to day activities; with the exception of cuddling! Our kids are not huge cuddlers, they don't like to sit still for very long, so we don't get a whole lot of cuddle time. But when they are not feeling 100% we can usually talk them into cuddling for a few extra minutes; which makes this Momma very happy :)
This little lady is the worst at snuggling, she does NOT like to be confined. But she will snuggle up a storm if she is around someone she doesn't know or if she is sick! Which she was last weekend and is still working on getting back to 100%

I have been able to tell all week that Porter was coming down with the sickness and last night at 4 am he woke up with a "hot nose" and a bad bad hurty by his boobs (his words not mine, but he meant chest), so he and I got up and snuggled on the couch while I nebbed him and he watched turtles. Hopefully it is short lived for this little guy.

Braylon is our best snuggler, he will generally snuggle with me for extended periods of time when he is tired; he loves to hold hands, and wrap his arms around my neck. Braylon was sick starting on Monday and is finally getting over it, making me thankful for inhalers and neb machines!
Hopefully they are all feeling much better soon, especially because we have a big weekend ahead of us :)
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