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Welcome to our Family of Five blog; this blog started many years ago with the birth of our first son, it was a way to share all that we were doing with those that didn't live near to us. After taking a year off from blogging in 2014, I decided that I really missed blogging and writing, so I decided to start at it again, but with a little different twist. Instead of just focusing on the kids, it will focus instead on the happenings of the Jensen clan.

I, Amanda or also known as Momma Bear, will be the main writer of our blog, but my amazing husband has agreed to also write from time to time; he has a great ability for words and I love reading what he documents!

We are just your average people living in small town America, living life to the fullest... Or at least trying to do the best we can with 3 kids and a dog! We focus on staying true to ourselves, our love and our values; which can be very difficult these days.

Enjoy if you have any qusestions don't hesitate to ask!
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