Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day Afternoon!

We went to Great Grandma G's for christmas on my mother's side. The boys had a lot of fun running around and playing with the other children.

We started off with a family photo

Porter played with Hadley's and Evie's stroller and dolls. He made his father and Grandpa proud :)

Braylon snuggled into Grandma until he crashed! He was a very exhausted boy (that is what happens when you don't go to bed until 11 pm the night before!)

Grandpa and Porter checking out the winter weather together!

Playing with Crosby, Porter didn't want to share very well...

Porter even opened Braylon's present for him...

All while Bray slept!

Christmas goes by way too fast! It was a wonderful year, I can't wait to do it all again next year!
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Christmas Day at Grandma and Grandpa A's

We went to Nama Pammy's and Papa Todd's on Christmas morning, we were suppose to be there by 9, but Mommy and Daddy were running behind! So we got there at 9:30. Great Grandma and Grandpa Andrews were there watching us open presents. Did we have fun... We got lots of good presents! Thanks Nama and Papa!

Porter with Great Grandpa Bob, he wasn't too fond of opening presents (we were getting too close to nap time).

Braylon ran around like a crazy person opening presents, he just wanted to unwrap them and then he would say "more"... He helped everyone open their presents. He was very sad when we were all done!

We all got a lot of good things for Christmas this year, the boys got a Trampoline, Kiddie Roller coaster and lots of other good things... Now do you think Grandma is going to pay the medical bills when they break bones? ;)
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Santa Came!

Santa came to visit the boys Christmas Eve while they were fast asleep... Braylon and Porter were up at about 8 am Christmas Morning and they were pleasantly surprised to find more presents under the Christmas tree...

Braylon on his new Lightning Bike! The best present a kid could get!

Porter awed by the fact that you got a bouncy Turtle from Santa!

The boys got books and games and blocks from Santa as well. We could only play for a short while and then we were off to Grandma and Papa's for Christmas! 
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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at the Jensen side. We went to Church and then headed to Grandma's and Grandpa's to have supper and open presents! The boys had a wonderful time playing with Candon and everyone else! It is so much fun to watch Braylon and Candon play together, they have so much fun together.
Braylon hanging out in Grandma's Bay window reading a book before supper.
Porter didn't think that supper would ever be done so he tried to eat the couch...

Braylon opening some of his presents.

Porter opening his presents.

A picture of Ben and I before jammies and family pictures! The boys would have been included except they were running and hiding :)

The whole gang minus Papa Rick (he was taking the picture, next year I am asking for a camera tripod so we can get everyone in the picture!)

Our lovely family!

The ladies with the babies :)

The "kids" and their other halves!

The boys wrestling together. They are so much fun to watch!

The boys playing monster trucks together.

Amazing how much they are alike :) Watching Mickey Mouse together...

Christmas Eve was wonderful and it was so much fun to get to hang out with everyone. The boys were so much fun to watch. Come on Kevin I know of two houses for sale in our neighborhood ;)
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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mommy and boys!

This morning we stopped and took a picture of me with the two boys...
Take 1

Take 2

Those toys are just to appealing to Bray and Porter was too busy sucking on his coat! Maybe we will get a good one tomorrow!
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Ready to go!

Mornings at our house are never an easy task... Braylon doesn't want to go potty, Porter is screaming for DADDY (his favorite thing to say at the present moment), Reese wants to stay in bed and won't go outside and then there is the battle of getting the boys out of the house without bringing toys or snacks with to D's. Well the day after opening a ton of new presents only makes the job 200 times more difficult!

Porter wanted to bring his new guitar to D's this morning... I guess he thought he and Blaire could jam out!

Braylon wanted to bring his (by his I mean Porter's) new crane and dump truck to D's this morning. He is in the middle of yelling at Porter because he was going to play with the Car Transporter that Braylon wasn't playing with!

We are going to have to hurry up and get our basement done so that their play room is done... All toys will be in the basement, problem solved... If only it was that easy!

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Presents... Presents... Presents and more Presents!

We had Christmas at our house last night, the boys got to open the presents that Mommy and Daddy got them. Santa still waits until Christmas Eve to bring the boys their presents, but we have a busy weekend full of Christmas' so we open the gifts from each other a day or two before the chaos begins :)

Braylon got more Cars cars, he really wanted a Luigi and Guido!

Porter got a Mr. Potatoe Head with tons of accessories. He loves the one at the doctor's office, so we thought it would be a great present for him!

A helicopter (Braylon is crazy about helicopters, planes, trucks, tractors).

Mickey :) Porter loves Mickey Mouse so he got a couple DVD's and we should have just stopped there for him, he carried his DVD's around with him all night. He didn't want anything else.

Porter playing with Braylon's toolbox.

TRACTORS!!! Wait till he sees the ones that Santa is bringing him :) 

We had a wonderful Christmas, we are blessed with Good Health, Happiness and Love... What more could we ask for!
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Too Cute!

My mommy is so funny!
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Crazy Hats

When I was at Herbergers the other day I saw these silly "santa" hats and I thought they would be so much fun for the boys to wear! So last night when we got home and we waited for Daddy to get home so that we could eat and open presents (the boys open their presents from Mommy and Daddy early because we are busy bee's on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, Santa brings them presents Christmas Eve that they get on Christmas Day, but they are not wrapped and Santa is nice enough to have them all put together already, what a wonderful Santa!) I gave them their hats, they would only wear them if the other was wearing it!
Porter chewing on the end of the tunnel in his Penguin hat! I am 90% convinced that he thinks he is a puppy :)

Bray in his Snowman hat!

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Silly Brothers!

Braylon and Porter being Silly together!

Porter escorting Braylon into the cozy coupe!

Pushing Porter around super fast!

So sweet! They are adorable together!

Peek -eee- Boo Porter!

Tonight they were playing in the kitchen pounding on the windows, and they were both laughing so hard, it made me laugh! (I tried to get video of it but our Video Camera died earlier in the day and wasn't charged enough to turn on.) They play so nice together 80% of the time, so fun to watch.
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Love for Reese!

Braylon and Porter LOVE Reese, I don't know what we would do if something every happened to him!
The boys giving Reese kisses and hugs and Bray is "nice Reese" (petting).

This little boy is going to have the saddest heart the day that Reese goes to Puppy Heaven (which hopefully won't be for 12 more years)!
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Little Birds!

The boys are like little birds anytime someone has food!

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Silly Porter!

When Porter was a baby everyone thought that he was going to be our "calm" child, I of course knew better. Porter's personality shows through more and more each day and he is becoming the crazy wild child that I knew he would be!

Porter pushing out his tummy, being silly!

Porter being silly in the tunnel!

Trying to run over his brother!

Tipping over the Giraffe to climb on it!
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Summer Favorite = Winter Favorite!

After we were done "working" we decided to go in the backyard and play on the swing set! Who says that you can only play with it in the Summer/Spring/Fall months??? Braylon loved it!

Just climbed his way to the top!

He insisted on going down this way! Good thing his snow pants are bib style :)

Swinging (a little difficult when the snow is almost touching the bottom of the swing)

Lets try it this way... Didn't work out so well!

Last time down the slide!

After I realized Braylon's lips were purple (literally) it was time to go in...

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