Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Like Father, Like Son!

Braylon is the spitting image of Ben... He looks just like Ben in his baby pictures!

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Dare Devil...

For Porter's 1st Birthday he got a Cozy Coupe from his Uncle's. Porter was very nice and allowed Braylon to claim it and play with it for about a month, but now Porter has decided that it is his favorite toy... Mostly because he can climb all over the Cozy Coupe, he climbs in and out and then stands on the seat and then back down on the floor and then climbs through the window of the Cozy Coupe (yes it has a door... that opens and shuts) but he insists on using the window. Braylon just sits back and enjoys the show as Porter tips the Cozy Coupe over on top of himself. I am pretty sure that every second that I wasn't watching Braylon was showing Porter how to do all of those things... Boys!

Porter being so innocent with his Cozy Coupe... Walking by it very nice and slow!
Trying to escape... The back window looks like a good place to go!
Laughing when Mommy said No No Porter, use the door! Of course then Braylon shakes his head really fast saying NO NO Porter, NO NO Porter...
Were you saying No to this???
Braylon's look when I asked him if he taught Porter how to play with his Cozy Coupe... This look was followed by No No mommy! No No...
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What a difference a year makes!!!

There is no question about it, my boys are eaters! Braylon was such a hungry little hippo when he was little and now he seems as though his hunger has subsided and he eats little here and lot there, depends on his mood, what he is currently doing, and who is around... Porter has taken Braylon's hungry hippo tittle and expanded it to hungry hungry gigantic hippo (not that he is gigantic, but he eats like he weighs 600 pounds). He eats at all times of the day... and night! He out eats mommy at every meal! If there is one place that both of our hungry hippo's like to eat it is in Mom's car! They for some reason get in and snack is on the brain! The other day we were driving to Hy-Vee to do grocery shopping (never an easy task when I take two hungry boys to the store with me, but that is a different story for a different day), on the way from daycare to Hy-Vee the boys were telling me they were hungry, so I had along a cookie for each of them... I never knew that a year could make such a difference in how they look after that one cookie :) I am a proud Mom!

Braylon clean, I don't even think he had a crumb on his shirt!

Then there is this monster! If you look close enough he has spread chocolate all over his leg as well! There was truly only 3 or 4 chocolate chips in that cookie, but if a mess can be made, he is the one to make it :)

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Water Baby!

Porter is a water baby, he would live in our bathtub if we would let him. If that bathroom door is open he goes right for the tub and insists on taking a bath. He could be clear across the house and hears that water running and he is in the bathroom in an instant! Ben and I decided to sign the boys up for Swimming lessons this year, Porter is in the first session and Braylon will be in the second session. Porter had his last day of swimming lessons on Wednesday... We are definitely going to have to ask Grandma Joan to put a building around that awesome new pool she just got put in or go to open swim more often! The hardest part about Swimming Lessons is getting him to sit quietly while we drive to swimming lessons, he knows when he gets his swim diaper and swim trunks on that it means swimming and he is not a very patient little boy! So today on the way to swimming lessons I brought out my camera and was taking pictures of him being silly in his car seat, he loves getting his picture taken just as much as he loves swimming, so it was a great distraction for the 2 mile drive!
He doesn't look like his big brother at all ;)

Once we get to Swimming Lessons we have an even more difficult time keeping him happy until he gets to go in the water. Luckily Grandma was there to help entertain him! He really enjoys walking the bleachers, it makes me a little nervous, even though he can walk, I just envision him falling and splitting that beautiful head open!

Waving hello to Grandma!
Trying to get a hold of those balls that are so tempting and in his reach!
Once he is in the water, he goes back to being our Happy P-Man!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Christian came over to play while his big brother was BMX racing, the mosquito's were so bad that the boys and I offered to have Christian come and play with us at our house. Braylon and Christian had a lot of fun... They started off by enjoying some juice and Backyardigians while lounging on the cheds.

After a few moments of relaxation they needed to test every toy that we have!

Since the living room was so messy from all of the toys they decided that the Kitchen should match, so they hauled the blocks to the Kitchen and threw them in every which direction... You know so that the rooms didn't feel off balance :) Boys you have to love them!

Thank you for coming to play Christian, hopefully you do it again very soon!
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Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh MY!!!!

Grandma and Mommy took Braylon and Porter to the Como Zoo on Saturday. It was a gorgeous day and there were not very many people there when we got there, so the boys got to get very close to all of the animals and see everything that was going on!

The boys lasted in the stroller for all of 5 minutes and that was long enough for us to get inside the Zoo, after that they wanted out and about so that they could see everything! Especially Braylon who wanted to climb in with all of the animals!

Porter Rocking out with his shades on! What an adorable little boy he is growing up to be!

Mommy and Porter smiling for a nice picture, we don't get many of these, since I am the one that is usually taking the pictures. So it was nice of Grandma to get one!

Braylon and Grandma enjoying the ducks... Braylon loved to sit and look at those ducks! Then he would look at Grandma and say Braylon water in! We told him that the water was only for ducks... he was really confused when we were getting ready to leave there was a lady standing in the water, cleaning out the feathers and filters. Braylon's favorite was the Monkey's by a long shot, he loved watching them, he would tell us Monkey Nama, More Monkey mommy... Porter was so oblivious to all that was going on around him, he was focused on eating an entire bag of popcorn... Which he succeeded in doing :)
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Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day Weekend!

Coley and Candon came home for Labor Day Weekend, and we headed up to the lake for a night. The weather was a little chilly so we had to find other things to keep us entertained other than water activities. The boys did  wonderful job of providing the entertainment that we were looking for :)

Braylon is going to be an expert Bean Bag player... He cheats a little bit, but he makes sure that all of the bags go in the hole!

Candon didn't want to play with Bean Bags, instead he thought it was a lot more fun to play with the bucket :)

The boys actually interacting together! They are making sure that Grandpa doesn't have a back up somewhere! Braylon and Candon gave it their stamp of approval :)

The boys watching out the window, it sure looks like it is nice outside! Why would our mommies tell us that it is cold out??? Are they drinking Mojitos with Grandma again??

Candon's Radio Flyer ran out of gas, so he called Porter's Tow Truck service for a little help...

It was a wonderful weekend! We headed back home on Sunday and went to a family picnic on the Andrews side of the family and then on Monday we went up to Grandma Joan's to see Great Grandpa and we even got to go swimming in her new pool (we didn't get any pictures of those events... We were too busy running after our two Monsters! What a great weekend!
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Braylon & Porter: We LOVE LOVE LOVE our daddy! He is the best daddy in the whole world!

Mommy: There are some days when I feel like I don't have 2 children but 3... Mommy puts jammies on them so that they can get ready for bed... Mommy leaves the room for a brief moment and Daddy has them all riled up... Daddy says who needs sleep??? I guess if you can't over rule daddy, you have to join them :)
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Look Who is a 1 Year Old!!!!!!

Porter celebrated his 1st birthday on September 3rd. We had an amazing time celebrating with family. All of Porter's new toys were seized by his big brother. Porter is a wonderful sharer so he didn't mind allowing Braylon to try out all of his toys and make sure that they were worth his time.
Porter went to the doctor last Thursday and he weighed in at 21 pounds 4 oz (25th percentile) and was 28 1/2 inches long (5th percentile). He got three shots and had to get his blood drawn to make sure that he is no longer anemic (he was anemic at birth and had a few blood transfusions with each of his surgeries. He has had it checked two other times since then and has passed them, so our doctor wanted to do one last check just to make sure). So needless to say by the time that Mommy brought him home, he wanted nothing to do with her and snuggled with daddy all night long.
Porter is a happy loving little boy, like no other that I have seen. He is soooo close to walking, he can walk but of course it is on his own terms. I have caught him walking from toy to toy, but of course the second that he realizes that someone is watching him, he starts crawling. He surprises us every day with all that he discovers in the world around him. He absolutely adores his big brother and Reese!   
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