Thursday, July 28, 2011

Boys Photoshoot Attempt 2...

Well tonight Ben had to work late, so the boys and I decided it would be a perfect time to go and do the boys birthday pictures. I have these images in my mind of what I want and well tonight didn't give me the kind of turn out I was hoping for, I guess that is what I get for going alone! It is too difficult for me to try and find the spot to take the picture, entertain them, take the picture and chase after them and try and be in front of them taking pictures. I got a few that I like and ones that I really like but they didn't turn out and they are not fixable... Darn it. So we will go out again next week (we have a busy weekend) and try again... With some help :)

Playing with color

I like this one better, it is a little harsher and it just looks old/vintage. I love the picture!

Color version

Such raw emotion he displays!

Session 2 was a success if for nothing else a learning experience!

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