Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What we were doing when we weren't swimming!

The things that kept us busy the rest of the weekend!

Porter cleaning and tossing puppy toys at the same time!

Braylon and Candon watching fireworks (they did awesome, until Uncle Zack started lighting them off, then Bray had enough, shortly after that Candon went inside as well). But what a great picture!

Porter and Daddy played Basketball!

Candon playing Bean Bag's with Braylon

Braylon giving mom the look!

Porter thought the bean bag board was his own personal slide!

Bray getting ready to toss it back to Candon!

Fighting over the bags! Wouldn't be a weekend without a little sibling fighting!

Port was victorious and walked away with a single bean bag :)

We stopped to drink pop!

Eat chips!

and a cookie! (I don't think P went more than 20 minutes with a snack!)

We made time for high five's! Just adorable to watch these two together, they hugged, gave high fives and would talk to each other so well. I loved every minute of it :)

Braylon's action shot! Throwing bean bag

I even got to shave Ben's head! He is now officially bold! And looks very good if I may say so myself ;)

We went for a boat ride and all jumped in, the boys didn't last long in the chilling water, but daddy thought it was nice and stayed in and was being silly with the boys!

Porter waiting for Daddy to let him out!

Braylon being silly on the "bike" and with the goofie floaty!

The boys pushed each other around in the baby stroller. With the goofie floaty on.
Then Uncle Zack pushed the boys around...

The two boys on the boat ride. They sat so well.

Bray feel asleep on the boat ride.

Zack pushing Candon in the stroller.

Porter doing his daily Yoga

Candon being silly!

Braylon driving the boat! (Pretend driving)

Throwing the toys for the dog!

Cleaning the dock, which required getting the entire brush wet, not just the brush!

Porter working on his stroller pushing skills for when Baby J arrives.

Bray driving trucks on the grass

Porter peaking in the window at the dogs, he pulled the chair over their all by himself so that he could make faces at Maddi through the window!

Guys indulged in "guy" talk

Braylon needed to be able to see Daddy while he was tubing, which required Mommy's sunglasses...

What a great weekend! We were exhausted when we got home last night, but we stopped to check on Papa Todd (he had surgery on Friday), which we are happy to report that he is doing well. Then we actually headed up to Grams and did some more swimming! 

Happy 4th of July Everyone! Hope yours was just as good as ours!
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