Monday, July 25, 2011

Swimming at Lincoln...

Last Tuesday it was so hot that Ben and I's volleyball actually got rescheduled! So we took the opportunity to "cool" off in the water at Lincoln park. Grandma Pammy came swimming with us. The water was warm, felt more like bath water then swimming pool, but the boys had fun none the less!

Porter being silly with Mommy's sunglasses!

Braylon and Daddy cooling off a bit!

Porter going down head first! Copying his big brother of course.

Grandma and Porter swimming.

Braylon telling Porter: Ok on the count of three we will jump...
Porter thinking... Why do I have to wait until three???

Porter going down the slide the "right" way!

Bray going down the slide.

Now on his tummy! Trying to beat the ball down! The ball won every time :)

Thanks Grandma Pammy for coming with! We had a blast!

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