Friday, January 28, 2011

What in the world are those?!?!?!

Today the boys are going outside to play in the snow at D's! So instead of putting their shoes and then hauling their snow boots to D's, we just decided to put their snow boots on their feet. Porter carried his shoes to me this morning, like he does most mornings and when he saw what I put on his feet, this is the face he gave me! (It was followed by a funny scrunched up nose and little giggle).

Look at how big his eyes are!
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Nuks Nuks everywhere you look!

Braylon has been extremely lucky and has been able to sleep with two nuks the last couple of nights, well this morning Porter got a hold of one and they both enjoyed running around with them! I would band them in our house if a certain someone (Ben, not to name any names ;)) would allow me to...

Porter cruising around chewing on "his" nuk

Braylon showing Porter how actually use a nuk

Sleepy Eyes, messy hair and a good stare!

Braylon covering up while Daddy finds him clothes because "Me cold daddy!"
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

I wonder why?

Braylon the last couple of nights has been extremely difficult to put to bed and once we get him to bed he wakes up 5+ times a night. Not normal for our little guy that tells us "I go nigh night now, mommy" 99% of the time. We can't figure out why he is going through this phase, but I hope that is all that it is. The other night he was up 7 times in 2 hours (from 11:30-1:30) so after the 7th and final time of me getting up with him I decided that he could just come and snuggle in our bed, that way when he woke up I would be right there. Wouldn't you know it he slept wonderful in our bed, so good that at 7:15 he was still sleeping and told Ben several times when we tried to wake him up "No daddy, I still seeping". I think he needs a bigger and more comfy bed, Ben thinks it is a phase we will see when he gets his new big bed if it solves the "Me no seep Mommy, me wake up" problem in our household! Either way it is sure fun to snuggle every once in a while :) Even Reese thought so!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

7 am Breakfast...

On the weekends the boys like to get up early early early! If I am still in bed at 7 it is a miracle and I start to panic a bit that something happened! Well Saturday we were up at 6:45 and we were enjoying Breakfast by 7! Perfect way to start the day, a little breakfast together!

Braylon whipping his hands clean of the orange juice that squirted him while eating his orange.

Porter enjoying his waffle!

Braylon being Braylon!

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Jensen Motors Christmas Party

Ben and I attended the Jensen Motors Christmas Party on Saturday. The boys enjoyed the day and night at Grandma Pammy's and Papa Todd's... It was a great time, would have been tons better had I actually won at Dice instead of losing all of my money, but there is always next year :) Thank you Jensen for yet another memorable year and party!

Ben and I arriving at the party!

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Early Morning Snuggles...

Braylon woke up this morning at 2 am and so I went in his room to snuggle with him until he feel asleep, hoping that I wouldn't fall asleep and could then go back to my bed, well I woke up at 5 o'clock, 30 minutes late for my morning work out, so I tried to sneak out of his room so that I could hustle to the gym for a quick run and then home to get ready for the day before Ben left for work... I got to the door and heard the sounds of a sad little cry and the words that find me laying on the couch watching Mater for the 2nd time this early morning, "Mommy nuggle me!". So Braylon and I went out into the living room to watch a movie and "Nuggle" on the couch! :) So much better than starting off at the gym!
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Where's Doc? Where's Tractor?

Braylon got Cars matching game for Christmas and he loves to play it. He doesn't fully understand the concept, turn two cards, try and remember, he usually picks the same two cards over and over again until you tell him that he has to pick a new one. It actually holds his attention for quite a while, very impressed!

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Small Spaces to High Places

Porter has a fascination with climbing on things right now, whatever he can climb up on he does... He also uses whatever he can to get to where he wants to go. Tonight he wanted to climb on the couch which he is still too short to climb up without any assistance. So he took it upon himself to pull the Cozy Coupe over to the couch and climb through the small back window to climb up on the couch!

He is our little Monkey!

He even stopped for a few seconds to watch the opening credits of Backyardigans!
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Splish Splash They were taking a Bath.

Bath time was very interesting tonight! The boys play better and better together every day! I can see them plotting things together and it makes me a wee bit nervous, but they are adorable when they play and talk together. They definitely feed off of one another, when one does something that the other finds funny the other has to do it, which leads to hysterical laughter by all that are in an ear or eye shot of them, they too end up in a hysterical laughter... Just adorable, bath time tonight was a perfect example of that!

It started off very innocent, both minding their own business.

Then they started to converse, looks innocent enough.

Then comes the water works, both splashing up a storm, I had an inch of water on the bathroom floor afterwards :)

Then Braylon though Porter needed his hair washed, so he took it upon himself to do it... Porter didn't mind, he is a fish, he sticks his whole face in the water and comes up smiling!

Too cute! They love each other very much and it shows more and more each day!

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Late Christmas Present...

Nama Pammy and Papa Todd brought over one last Christmas Present that just arrived at their house this week. They had ordered it way back in October/November and waited until the week before Christmas to put it together only to find out that it was defective and they would need a new one. It took a little while to get it in, but it was so worth it! Braylon loved his last present, was a little disappointed that there were was nothing to actually open, so we covered it with a blanket and let him "open" it!

Braylon and Porter both trying to fit, which they do! It is a very big cab...

Braylon enjoying his new ride!

Porter really likes it too, mostly because he can climb through the cab into the bed of the truck and then back to the cab (usually head first)...

Braylon and Porter snuggling in the cab!

Thank you Nama and Papa for another great toy!
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Perfect Timing!

Here is a story that happened two nights ago... Enjoy, I sure did :)

Ben had to go into work on Tuesday evening to clean out the fish tank at the dealership, which left me home with the two boys, not that uncommon, but tonight they had something special in store for me. I made supper and feed both boys and myself while he was gone. The boys were not on their best behavior, Braylon screamed because he wanted a sucker and snacks and he wanted to watch Mater, which I couldn't find and then he was trying to climb on our TV stand and on the back of the couch and he kept dive bombing onto Reese, and tackling Porter. Porter was crying because he was hungry and wanted crackers which we were out of, never should you be out of crackers with a Porter around! Then he would stand in between me and the cabinet or the stove and push me away, all while trying to get supper finished so that my starving barbarians could eat. He just wanted to be held, probably because his brother was being a jerk and tackling him! We survived supper and moved onto bath time (6:20'ish... still no Ben) I was getting ready to wash Braylon up when this scent entered my nostrils... I quickly turn towards Porter who is in the middle of having a bowel movement in the bath water, that is brother is DRINKING!!!!! So I remove both of my soggy now more smelly children from the tub, drain the water only to hear a squirting and grunting from next to me... A very naked Porter is finishing his business, that he started in the bathtub, on the rug next to me... Which I then put my foot in when I was trying to remove both children from the rug so that I could remove it from the room! Porter then proceeded to walk into the living room finishing his dirty job all over the living room floor! So I locked the boys and myself and Reese (for fear that he would clean the mess up for me) in the bathroom to shower (no more baths) the stench of Porter poo off of the boys and then into Porter's room to put a diaper on Porter (to prevent any more uncontrollable bowel movements from ending up on my carpet, foot, rugs or anywhere else that they shouldn't be) then I locked Braylon and Porter and Reese into Porter's room while I cleaned the living room floor and threw the rug in the wash along with the blanket that Braylon pee'd all over earlier in the night (forgot to mention that one)! Then went back to dressing my children only to have Ben walk in the door just in time for the fun to end! Oh perfect timing!
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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Messy Eater!

I don't think my children have it in them to stay clean when they eat!
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Rap attack Mr. P style!

Porter got a keyboard that has a microphone that really works for Christmas from Ben and I. He loves to play it and then he "sings" and dances as he or Braylon play the keyboard. He is definitely going to be a musician when he gets older!

Porter raping a beat!

Singing loudly as he plays a note on his keyboard!
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Look very closely...

If you look closely at Braylon's bottom half you will notice that he has little boy boxers on... Braylon has been wearing underwear/boxers for the past two weeks at daycare and at home and is doing VERY VERY well, we occasionally have an accident but I am so proud of him! He goes poop on the potty and thinks it is so cool, he LOVES to stand on the stool and pee which usually means pee on the floor and sometimes he has a lot of power behind it and hits the wall.. (we make sure to tell him that he has to aim in the potty). He wakes up dry most mornings and wakes up dry from naps at D's (but for the time being we are going to allow him to sleep in a Diaper until we get a little more comfortable with his ability to just tell us he has to go potty).
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You would never guess that these two are actually related.... Would you???
Both zoned out watching Mater DVD...
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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Keeping Up with P!

Porter becomes more and more active each day... Becoming more and more like his big brother each day! We love his energy and his constant smile that he awards us with! This little boy has been through a tremendous amount throughout his short time here, but he has never allowed it to slow him down or stop him from smiling. We all went through those difficult times, but I feel an extra strong connection to him, because for the first 5 months of his life I did everything for him, Ostomy bag changes (there were A LOT of them), diaper changes, feedings, baths (also a lot of them, with a leaking Ostomy bag) and everything else that we did together during those first 5 months! He is such a special boy and seeing him over come all that he has and playing like a normal 1 1/2 year old should, makes me the proudest mother in the world! (For the record Braylon is extrememly special to me and makes me extrememly proud as a mother as well and I love him so so so much, it hurts!) We are so lucky that Porter had "short" term medical conditions and nothing that had an ever lasting affect on him or any of us for that matter :)
Playing with Reese's Ball and the Chuck It... He loves it when Reese chases him for his ball!

Getting ready to go out on the town for the night :)

Playing with his Camero from Grandpa Lowell! It lights up and drives all by itself.

Basketball, if only he were a little taller he could make a basket it by himself!

I will never let go!

More car action, he had to go and chase it down after it drove off on him!

Stacking, he loves to pull them apart and put them together to make a ball and then throw them across the room... Reese loves it when he does that too, it is like having a new ball to play with!
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Monday, January 10, 2011

We lay to eat...

Braylon has never been one to folllow the rules when it comes to table edicate, he has very good manners and is wonderful at saying please and thank you, but when it comes to to actually edicate we messed up somewhere!
Braylon wanted a pop tart so I told him he had to sit and the table and eat it nice. I went to change Porter's diaper and couldn't find him when I came back into the kitchen until I saw his hands pop up over the table... This is how he was eating! He is a very goofy boy!

Another view!
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I scream you scream we all scream for Ice Cream!

Whenever I ask Braylon what he wants for breakfast or lunch or supper for that matter he says that he wants ice cream! So today after we got done with supper we gave in and gave the boys ice cream!
Braylon enjoying his ice cream... Porter's picture didn't turn out :(
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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ben went to the cities on Saturday morning to go to a Timberwolves Game and have "Guy" Night with some college friends. So the boys and I decided that we too should have some fun, so we rounded up Grandma Pammy and took the boys Bowling. They had a blast, Braylon was a little bit of a ball hog, he didn't want anyone else to have a turn. Porter had more fun running around then actually bowling, he is a natural and beat his brother both games :) It was a wonderful time had by all, we will have to do it again very soon!

Braylon making sure everyone knows this one was his!

Carrying his ball to go bowl!

Porter distracted by the chairs!

My mom has a lot better pictures on her camera, I will update more later! 
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New Year's Eve Fun!

We spent New Year's Eve together at home! We ate, played, laughed, cried and slept right through the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011...

Ben and Braylon hiding from Mommy and the camera! They are very silly together :)

...while Porter was busy playing in the kitchen cabinets!

Then it was on to the Entertainment for the Evening. Porter sang while Braylon played the keyboard... They are definitely Rocker's no Country music out of those two boys!

Then we went to the basement to enjoy the many wonderful presents the boys got for Christmas. First up the Kiddie Roller Coaster, Porter enjoying himself!

Then it was Braylon's turn!

Finally they went down together!

We then moved on to the Trampoline, Porter isn't too sure how it works yet, but he has a blast!

Braylon has mastered butt bombs!

Dad said he was hungry so Braylon and Mommy made him a hamburger!

While Porter entertained himself on the digger.

Porter with his freezy!

Braylon and Daddy got one too!

After our freezy's and a little more bouncing it was off to bed for the two rugrats and Ben and I enjoyed a glass of wine and then we too went to bed, didn't even ring in the New Year! We are so grateful for all of the wonderful things that happened to us in 2010 and can't wait to see what 2011 has to offer!
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