Monday, August 20, 2012

The ride of a lifetime!

The boys had a ride of a lifetime for them the other day! They have had a long time love for Skid Steers and we admire them every time we see them and we drive all over town to find them. So the other day Papa Todd had a skid steer down at his lot and was doing some work so we stopped to watch and Papa gave them each a ride!

Porter and Braylon waiting for Papa to get in the skid steer

Porter going for a ride!

They picked up a BIG rock

Getting ready to dump it!

Braylon going for his ride!

They picked up the big rock, Braylon preparing for the loud bang

Adalyn's turn to go in the Skid Steer.

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Sibley Park

We headed to Sibley Park a few Saturdays ago, we had a picnic and then walked over to see the animals and play at the park.

Braylon blowing bubbles at our picnic

Bringing quarters is very important

Feeding the mini horses

Feeding the cows

Watching the fish, he lost his sandal in the water (Mom had to rescue it out)

Adalyn enjoying looking at all of the animals

Checking out the goats

Playing at the park, the three Jensen's on the tractor.

Slide races

Adalyn enjoying the swing!

Feeding the goats one more time before we left.

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Vikings Trainig Camp

We took the boys to Vikings Training Camp a few weekends ago. The boys LOVED every minute of it!

The little boys coloring with sidewalk chalk waiting for Vikings Village to open.

Adalyn was along too, she does such a good job going in her carrier

CJ, Braylon, Grammy and Porter waiting for Vikings Village to open

Braylon and his idol!

We FINALLY got in! Braylon showing off his skills!

Porter showing his skills off too!

Braylon throwing the ball to his idol!

The boys joined the "Mini" Vikings fan club, they got shirts and backpacks and we got to go to a special practice and get autographs.

Then the boys went to a "training" camp of their own

Caleb, CJ and Braylon doing the training camp, Porter decided he didn't want to participate

Grammy and Adalyn watching the boys train to be future Vikings :)

Braylon did awesome!

Porter giving it up to Viktor

This was the first year we went to Training Camp, but I am sure it will be year one of MANY!
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National Night Out

We attended National Night Out a few weeks ago, we got to see the helicopter land and then the boys got to go and check it out. The boys have a blast going to National Night Out, they get to see all of the safety vehicles and learn a few things as well!

Adalyn watching the helicopter come in.

Here it comes.

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Park X

We signed the boys up for Park X this summer, it is 6 weeks of activities that take place at a different park each week, with different activities. The kids have enjoyed most of the activities. Braylon more then Porter. Braylon looks at it as a competition (help us all) and Porter sees the park and wants to go and play! But it has been a lot of fun for the kids and we have enjoyed watching them interact with many other kids their ages!

Going through the tunnel

Then the hoop
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Relaying for Life

Every year we head to Relay for Life, we meet Grandma Pammy out there and walk around to support the event. The kids get to eat a lot of junk and play games. This year Grandma Pammy was in the dunk tank for work and we got to dunk her, I didn't get to take a picture of that, the boys were throwing balls EVERYWHERE! But one of the stations had horse rides, the boys LOVED every second of the ride, Porter talked the gentlemen into two more times around. The guy laughed and did as requested. When it was time to get off Porter tried to hold on to the horse so he wouldn't be able to get him off, but his arms and legs just are not long enough yet :) Daddy promised to take them horse back riding again soon. Hopefully we do :)
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Me and the Hubs

During Bavarian Blast Ben and I went on a "date" to the Bavarian Blast Concert Thursday night. We had a wonderful time! We don't go out enough just the two of us, it amazes me how quickly we fall into Ben and Amanda mode when we are out, we are always parents and we will always be, but I love that we can leave the house (even when Porter has the flu, thanks Grammy Pammy) and I feel like we are just two people in love with one another, nothing more, nothing less!
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Biking the Trails

Last Sunday (I know I have been late on posts, summer is going by too fast and well time is limited) we headed to Mankato to have a picnic and go biking on the trails. The kids had a blast riding bikes and riding in the bike trailer. We did have a few hiccups while out and about... Porter's bike only made it a few short strides and then was donezo (it was a $2.00 bike Grandma Joan picked up from a garage sale to have at her house, so we borrowed it for Porter to ride on). So the boys took turns riding on Braylon's bike for the first mile, we had a few tantrums over who got to ride when and how long. Then boys were less then happy when we told them they had to both ride in the trailer so we could bike further, there was some constant bickering back and forth between them, but after they both settled down (and Mommy threatened them with no ice cream) the ride was very enjoyable... Let me rephrase that, the ride out was very enjoyable (flat land or down hill), but what goes down, must come up (at least if you want to get back to the car), so the way back was me pulling 72 pounds of extra weight up the hills, they were more of an anchor then anything. Mommy got her workout in for the day! All in all it was a great time and the kids enjoyed themselves and we stopped at our favorite ice cream shop... COLD STONE CREAMERY! So Yummy!
I am sure we will be making many more trips to bike trails around the area!

Heading over to Mankato...

Setting up our picnic!

The boys being good helpers and trying to get the bikes out of the back of the Yukon and off of the bike rack.

Adalyn ready to ride, equipped with water and toys :)
Daddy, Porter and Braylon are off, at the stop sign is where Porter's bike stopped working :( 

MOM IT WON'T GO! (Porter's words at this point)

On our way back to the car, after we rescued Braylon's bike from the bush it was hiding in. Daddy and Porter and Adalyn took Mommy's bike and were already at the car by this point.

Post ride treat!

Adalyn LOVED Cold Stone as much as we do :)

The ride home, this was two blocks from home (Braylon just feel asleep and slept for 4 hours!).
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Our baby is 8 months old!!!!!!!!

Adalyn is 8 months old today (my voice is crackling and tears pool in my eyes as I type that)!

I can't even describe the love that we have for this little girl!

(The Vikings are in Mankato for training camp, so we have to cheer them on! Here is to a better season then last year! SKOL Vikings)
Things about Adalyn:

1. She loves to watch Pooh's Heffulump Movie, she giggles and flails her arms in the air whenever Lumpy comes on!
2. She is happy to be constantly entertained by her two brothers and welcomes kisses from them and Reese.
3. Mommy is her favorite person, but she doesn't mind if she is passed from person to person. Although the last couple of weeks we have been dealing with separation anxiety. But she is still happy to give everyone a giant smile, from the safety of Mommy's arms :)
4. She EATS and EATS like no other 8 month old I have seen. She doesn't eat pureed food, she would rather have hamburger, spaghetti, blueberries or anything else that we are eating that day.
5. She finally got her two bottom teeth to brake through and she handled it like a champion.
6. She has been sitting up for about the last two months, and is working on crawling forward, she can army crawl backwards. When she attempts to crawl forward it is in a downward dog position (on tip toes, with butt in the air). She can pull herself up to a standing position using anything and everything!
(Adalyn enjoying the toys Mommy pulled out of storage)

7. She says Dada all day and night long, we are working on Mama (with little luck)
8. She sleeps through the night most nights and has been since about 6 weeks old.
9. She is our most content baby yet. Happy to do whatever, but will remind us when she is needing attention.
10. Bath times are much more enjoyable for her in the kitchen sink then in the bathtub. Mommy likes them this way too :)
11. She loves to swim, in the lake or the pool, makes no difference to her.
12. She belly laughs when she is pushed on the swing, it is ADORABLE to watch and I vow to video tape her one of these times. 
13. The noise her brothers, dogs, and parents make doesn't phase her at all. 
14.  She is a very oral baby, everything must go in the mouth, except her Nuk, she doesn't like that thing!
15. She has tried on a few occasions to nurse off of Uncle Kevin, Daddy and Braylon. If their shirts are off and she can see the "spout" she thinks it is fair game! :)
(Getting ready to stand up using the table)

We are going to enjoy all of the milestones that Adalyn tackles over the next month as our babies are growing up!
We love you to the moon and back Pix!
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