Monday, August 1, 2011

July 30th a day to celebrate!!!

We celebrated a very special day on Saturday July 30th, it was National Gastroschisis Awareness Day and the boys and I celebrated in the morning before heading to La Crosse for McKenna's Baptism. We meet up with Grandma Pammy and Uncle Kevin at Perkins to eat breakfast and open gifts! The boys and I wore green shirts in honor of Gastroschisis (green is the Gastroschisis color). The boys were extremely excited about celebrating, although not fully comprehending what it all meant, but pancakes and presents meant we must have been celebrating for a GREAT cause! The "Your Beginning" Picture Books that I am in the process of finishing will help them understand a bit more and will be something that they can keep forever and ever!

Braylon reading his new Cars book that he got, along with a big bag of Starburst and a new Lightning Travel Cup!

Porter and Grandma Pammy, Porter testing out his new Lightning Travel cup, he also got a big bag of M&M's and a Thomas the Train book.

My goal for next year is that I can find time, this year, to plan a Gastroschisis 5k and Kiddie Run to help support the cause in a more effective way!
Happy National Gastroschisis Awareness Day everyone, a few days late!
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