Monday, July 25, 2011

Sleepy Eye Water Park!

Our children LOVE the water, if you can't tell by the none stop post's involving water! Sunday afternoon we went to the Sleepy Eye water park with Grandma Pammy and Melissa, Ashley and her 3 kids. The boys had a blast! So much to do and so many places to play!
Next we are going to try out Gaylord water park :)

Porter going down the little slide. He was a big fan!

Braylon's turn next! He was also a very big fan.

Mommy and Porter going down the big slide! We would get done and he would say again again! Luckily Daddy REALLY loved the slides and going fast just like Porter!

Mommy sending Porter down the slide!

Daddy and Bray went down the slide! He loved it too!

That time they went under and it was REALLY funny!
We had so much fun swimming and kicking and screaming! Thanks Grandma Pammy for the great idea!
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