Monday, June 25, 2012

Busy Sunday!

We started our Sunday out with family pictures curtosey of Marsha Jones! The kids did really well so they were rewarded with a trip to the car show, to see Papa's car and truck and to look at the Monster truck they had there as well, we then headed to Grandma Joan's to swim some more.

Headed into the car show, Daddy and his boys!

Porter using Mommy's camera, he gets some pretty good shots!

The boys zonked out on the way to Grandma Joan's for swimming.

Little fishies

Swimming all by himself!



Tricks off of the diving board

Knee grab

Another Candon ball

Adalyn enjoying the water.

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Saturday Evening Swim

Candon was in town this weekend, so Saturday evening we went up to Grandma Joan's so that the boys could swim with him.
I love this picture, it looks like Braylon is walking on water.

Porter jumping all by himself!

Candon doing a "Candon ball" (as the boys call it)

Adalyn was enjoying the show!

Daddy was launching the kids into the air. I didn't think they were ready for that, but they sure seemed to enjoy themselves!
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A perfect Thursday night

We headed to the Park after we got done eating at Grandma Pammy's on Thursday, we met Daddy there, since he had just gotten off of work.

Braylon and Ben playing Volleyball (Ben had to work on his serving for the league we play in)

Porter thought it was better suited as a basketball, and was very happy when he made it over the rope.

Pix slept the entire time! She was sleepy!!!!

Braylon decided he had enough Volleyball and came to play with Porter and I at the park.

Porter and his tongue. He is a very silly boy!
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Good Helpers

The boys helped Grandma Pammy clean corn on Thursday. They are such good helpers.

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Adalyn no longer looks like Mommy, she is starting to look a lot like Benjamin and Braylon (when he was a baby) and this picture is proof of that!

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Choo Choo, Vroom Vroom, Woosh Woosh...

The boys decided to set up their train set (meant to go on their train table) and set it up on the big table downstairs. They have such wonderful imaginations and I could sit and listen to them play with it all day, they make all the noises. Their imaginations run wild!

The helicopter had to come in and save people...

...from the earthquake that Porter created!

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Duck Days Parade

Last Friday we met up with some Friends and attended the Duck Days parade in Lake Crystal. The kids had a lot of fun watching the parade, looking, touching and feeding the Turtle and running around like crazy!

Little piggies waiting to race their way to candy!

Daddy's and babies :)

Hurry Hurry!

Porter studying his free game of bowling coupon he got

Daddy and Pix!

Thank you Nordby's for inviting us to the parade again this year! It was a blast :)

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

She WON'T give in!

Oh Adalyn, our sweet, sweet Adalyn! I am so grateful that 99.7% of your life you have been an easy baby, going to sleep easily, sleeps through the night and wakes up happy! On nights like last night, I remind myself of how easy you have been thus far and that everyone has bad "days" (or night) in your case. You REFUSED to go to sleep last night. I tried everything that usually gets her to go to sleep and absolutely nothing worked, until... Ben asked if we had ice cream, I said nope but I will go get some for you, only because I knew that if Adalyn went in her car seat and went for a ride, she would be fast asleep! I was right! We made it about 6 blocks with her "talking" before she was back to our sleeping beauty!

Nighty Nighty Pix!

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Rubber ducky your the one... You make bath time so much fun...

Pix loves her pink ducky and she really enjoyed her bath in the sink at the lake, so I decided that while Daddy was giving the boys their bath last night, I would stick Pix and her ducky in the sink for bath time :)
Such a gorgeous smile

Soapy Ducky takes center stage :)

Come her ducky!
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These are just some more pictures from the weekend.

Adalyn and Mommy were watching Braylon fish off the dock.

Grandma and Kenna watching Candon and Braylon fish

While Daddy and Porter played Ladder golf

Adalyn and Daddy snuggling on the Pontoon

Adalyn enjoying some Raspberries

Grandma, Kenna (you can see her foot), Braylon and Candon sitting chatting before we left on Sunday.

Braylon dancing in the hot tub, he was watching his shadow in the window.

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What do to with a Extra Windy day?!?!?

HOT TUB!!!!!!!!


Enjoying the windy day the best way they possibly could :)

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Sunday morning cartoons

On Sunday morning the three boys, snuggled in the chair and watched a movie while they waited for breakfast to be ready, silly smiles and all!

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Bathtime in the sink!

The girls needed baths on Saturday night and since the lake only has showers, we had to resort to the sink! Both girls thought it was pretty fun!

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First Pontoon ride...

Saturday evening we were finally able to get everyone on the Pontoon at the same time, the other times throughout the day, one or two babies were sleeping, so Mommy's couldn't to with. It was Adalyn's first ride on the Pontoon and she did very well, despite the wind!

Daddy and Pix getting some play time in on the Pontoon

Driver Candon, he LOVES to drive the Pontoon with Grandpa Rick!

I adore this picture :)

Porter wanted in on the "driving" action...

...but was happy to just sit with Grandpa instead!

Braylon and Daddy checking out all the fishing boats (Ben really wants a fishing boat)

Porter being our entertainer as always, he was wearing Grandpa's hat!

Braylon's turn to drive

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