Monday, March 28, 2011

Braylon wants to know...

Is it lake time yet?

Whenever the weather is not it's best, Braylon says to me snow snow go away!
We are really hoping that spring is on it's way. We want to be able to play outside!
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P's Photoshoot...

Porter's personality just continues to shine through day after day...
He has gone into the terrible two's and he lets you know it.
Porter wasn't feeling well last weekend so he and I stayed home while Braylon and Daddy went to run some a errands and visit Grams and Papa Rick. I decided that it was a perfect opportunity to take a few pictures of P with my new camera :)

He LOVES to sit in this window and watch for the puppies across the street. He also loves to watch television from this spot! Notice his ankles are crossed, he is a chronic ankle crosser, anytime he sits they are crossed, I love it :)

Look at that smile! He is just adorable, with his crazy messy hair (I really think we are going to have to make weekly trips to Amber to get his hairs cut so that it grows!)
He even has drool coming out of his mouth, it captures him perfectly!

I love love love this picture, wish that the strings from the blinds weren't in the way, I am going to have to try and capture this again! He is so inquisitive and has to inspect everything!
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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our baby isn't a baby anymore!

This little boy is officially potty trained! Braylon wears underwear all day everyday, even at night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last week he put up a big fight when I told him it was time to put on his diaper for bed, he told me "Me no wear diaper, I a big boy, I wear underwear", so after a little hesitation on my part, he and I agreed that he would wear underwear to bed, and he has ever since! He has not had an accident in a very long time! He has even started going all by himself, he has a little trouble getting his pants and underwear back on, so that they are not inside out or so that the underwear are under his pants :) I can't believe it! I would say that he was the easiest child to potty train, I really thought it was going to be so much worse!
Braylon we are so very proud of you!

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Our future American Idol!

I have never watched American Idol before this year and the only reason that I started watching it was because we knew someone that had auditioned and we wanted to see if she made it, well we got hooked! So last night while we were watching it, Porter decided that he needed to help play music for the contestants and he brought his keyboard in front of the t.v. and played while they sang! After they were done and the audience started clapping he would turn and look at Ben and I like, I am done now, that means it is time for you to clap for me! He is our future musician!

Porter getting his microphone out so that he could do his solo :)
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Zoned Out in Matching PJ's

The boys have their own movie cabinet and they take full advantage of it, they love to watch any Disney movie, 101 Dalmatians, Bambi, Monsters Inc, Cars, Mickey, etc. Porter grabs them out of the cabinet and points to the cover and says "on", so cute and very funny at times! Braylon usually wants Cars or Oliver on but they both will watch whatever is on most of the time! The best is watching the boys move from place to place in the living room without taking their eyes off of the t.v.

Sitting on the couch together watching Mickey...

Porter moving a little closer to Bray...

Porter does this whenever we first put a movie in, he gives me the movie and once he hears that first sound come from the t.v. he runs and sits down as close to the t.v as he can.

This is Bray's regular laying area while watching movies! He is like a cat, sitting on the back of the couch!
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Porter has fallen head over heels for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and gets very excited whenever he sees Mickey! We were in Wal-mart and found a small Mickey and we of course had to get it for him :) He sleeps with Mickey every night and loves to cuddle with him while they watch Mickey on the t.v.

Someone should have warned Mickey that he would be chewed on regularly!

Holding Mickey near and dear!

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Where Bray?

Porter is very aware of where his big brother is at all times, this last weekend, Porter was napping when Braylon laid down for his nap, and the second that Porter got out of his room he ran into the living room and looked around and then turned to me and said "Where Bray?", I told him that Braylon was napping so he grabbed Braylon's coat and went and put it in front of his door, so that he could have it when he woke up! Such a great helper he is :)  
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Editing fun!

I had a picture of Bray from the other morning that was pretty dark, so I used some editing software and lightned it up, I went to the extreme but I love the photo, it looks kind of mystic looking... I could really spend all day for many a days editing and learning!

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Fancy Feet

Braylon went "shopping" in mom's shoe closet and came out with fancy feet! He makes his daddy proud!

He amazed me, he could walk in them very well!

Braylon: Mom these 4 inch heels are nothing! I am going to look for some 5 inchers :)
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Funny Face!

I was trying to get a picture of Porter with his Monkey towel on, and he ripped it off and rewarded me with this face instead! Fair trade off...

Mommy stop taking pictures!
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Darling moments...

Moments captured this weekend!

Braylon and Candon enjoying some Whales, before lunch! Nothing like ruining an appetite :)

Braylon and Candon building their tower

Only to have Candon (well all the boys were doing it) knock them over :)

Swinging off of the poll to go butt drop daddy!

P playing at 6:30 on Saturday morning, trying to be quiet so we don't wake the rest of the house!

Candon hiding from me, it was way to early to be taking pictures!

I will come right back! (the phrase for the weekend)

Isn't he just adorable :)

P and his yogurt!

Enjoying their truck ride, I wonder if this is what it is going to look like when they are 16? YIKES!

Darling smile!
It looks like the two older boys are plotting against Porter (he is on the Mickey ride on toy, picture is a little dark, sorry!)

Thank you so much Briggs family for allowing us to invade your home for the weekend! Can't wait to do it again! We love you! P.s. Coley let Candon know that the last two mornings Braylon has asked to go to Candon's house and last night he was pretending to talk on the phone, while he was suppose to be helping me build a stand for our downstairs bathroom, when he said no me not go to Grandma's me going to Candon's! I said to him, aren't you going to help Mommy build this, he looked at me and said, I will come back, ok? I said where are you going? He said I am calling Candon, as he walked out of the room! Must have been some serious plotting going on :) Ha...
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I think the only one at the Briggs household that was not excited to see us, was Ms. Kia (aka Kebber), the Briggs' cat. Braylon is very fascinated with Kebber and won't leave her alone! She even nipped him a few times and he just kept going back for more!
Anytime Kebber would lay in the chair, Braylon would run over and try and climb up in the chair with her! She was not impressed!

If you look at the child in the red shirt to the left of the picture, you will notice that he is trying to feed Kebber a fruit snack!

Hi Keeber, can I give you a kiss?

I am sure that we are going to have to start bringing her treats when we visit otherwise she will find a way to lock the door when she hears we are coming! 
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Mmmm Coley you make one mean Yogurt!

As the boys were waiting for lunch to be done, Porter got a little antsy, so Coley got each of the boys a yogurt, Porter was the only one to eat his :)

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Chuckie Cheese

Ben, myself, Braylon, Porter, Candon, Coley and Kevin all went to Chuckie Cheese on Saturday night! The two older boys had a lot of fun... P did wonderful too, as long as you were playing basketball with him, he just likes to hold onto the basketball. We may be a year or two away from them actually LOVING it, but it was a lot of fun to take them together for the first time, I am sure it is trip one of many!

Porter playing basketball, this is where he spent 98% of his night! I bet Ben went through 30 tokens just on basketball!

Bray helped Daddy play basketball too...

Bray and Porter playing together! They were very good :)

While Candon played Ski ball with his daddy! He was watching all the balls come down

Putting in more money!

There was a big monster truck ride, Coley and I could not figure this thing out, but the boys had a lot of fun just riding in it. Braylon, not sure if you can see him well, is waving at Coley while Candon smiles at me :)

P very sad that we made him leave basketball for a stupid "vacuum" ride!
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Braylon and Candon had a lot of fun wrestling on Sunday morning before we headed back to Minnesota. They were pretty funny to watch...

Kevin, Candon and Braylon wrestling, looks like Kevin is winning!

Candon taking down Braylon

Braylon getting Candon

Submission moves...

Daddy getting Braylon!

Candon getting Uncle Ben... GO CANDON GO!

Hopefully Braylon doesn't feel the need to try any of his new wrestling moves on any of the girls at daycare!
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Children's Museum... La Crosse style!

We took the boys to the Children's Science Museum in La Crosse on Saturday. They had a blast, playing with the firefighter truck, the Kwik Trip store, News Room, the Shadow Room (really wish I could have gotten a picture of our shadow, it was pretty amazing, something to try out this summer), the "kids" play area, the River Area and of course the train table! I brought my point and shoot and my camera died about 5 minutes into it, wasn't prepared to use it a lot! So these are the pictures that I have, the boys had so much fun! Maybe next year, Bray and Candon can try the rock climbing wall :)

Braylon wearing one of the firefighter hats

P being a firefighter...

Firefighter Candon, there is a haze over this picture not sure why, but it looks pretty cool!

Ben helping Porter playing with the wall of blowing air... You stick a soft ball or a scarf in the tunnel and watch as it zooms through the tunnels and then it spits out somewhere in the middle, you can switch valves to relocate the air flow... Pretty cool!

Candon climbing on things that might not be meant for climbing :)
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