Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Puppy love....

Toddlers Best friend! They have an endless love for one another, they are adorable to watch together!
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This year we completely spaced taking pictures of all of us at Thanksgiving! The only pictures that we have are below!
Ben snapped a quick photo of Bray before we left on Thanksgiving... We can't go anywhere without our backpack and sunglasses, which he actually broke that day and threw a fit about! Hopefully he is good so Santa can bring him a new pair!

Bray playing with Aunt Karen's Kitty Carl! He can't get enough of animals...
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, we got to spend a lot of time with family. The boys had a wonderful time, neither took a nap until 4 pm, not like our two boys.
This year we gave extra thanks to Deana our day-care provider. She is amazing! Both boys LOVE to go to her house and most days I can't even get Braylon to come home :) Braylon and Porter made her a cake that they brought to her house on Wednesday to have as dessert with their Thanksgiving meal that she makes with all of the kids, they all help cook (her house smelt amazing on Wednesday!), and we made her a card so that we could let her know just how special she is to our family! If it weren't for her I don't think I would ever be able to go to work!
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Hard at work... Or is it play?

Last Wednesday the boys and I got locked out of the house... So while we waited for Ben to get home with the key I was going to be helpful and shovel the dusting of snow that we got... Well both boys thought that they need to help... We even got out the beach toys and made snow cars... Porter of course enjoyed smashing them...
Braylon being such a good helper :)

Porter had a lot of fun pushing the snow around!
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One armed bandit...

Saturday morning Braylon and Porter were watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Bray came running into the kitchen as I was finishing doing dishes, whinning... This is what he looked like! Not sure how he got like that or what he was doing to get his arm caught like that, but it was pretty funny and after a few tears he started laughing saying "That funny, Braylon funny"...

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Santa Porter!

Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas! (He has spaghetti sauce on his face, we were in route to the bath tub when he found his Santa hat, so we had to stop and take a picture!)
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Flashlight Fun!

Every Monday I pick the boys up from Daycare, swing home to pick up Reese and head to Nama Pammy's and Papa Todd's for supper. Ben works late on Monday's so it is the perfect excuse for the boys to spend quality time with Nama and Papa. There is always something new and exciting going on to keep the boys for the most part pretty happy! This time Papa Todd gave both boys mini flashlights and turned off the lights and let them run around and play! Who knew that flashlights could be so much fun?!?!?!?

Braylon shinning the flashlight at Papa... He thought he was so funny!

Porter trying to eat the flashlight, because well... he eats everything! 

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ring Around the Rosie

Both boys love to play Ring Around the Rosie... It is so fun to watch them do it. Braylon knows all of the words so listen closely to him, he is acutally singing it... We can never play it just once...

Porter doing Ring Around the Rosie

Braylon doing ring around the rosie

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Getting Cozy in the Coupe!

Braylon being silly and actually cooperating for pictures, those are actual smiles... Without Bribery ;)

Well hello there!
Hi Mommy!

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How much is that Baby in the Window????

All of our windows in our house are 4-5 feet windows and they are low enough for the boys to look out. We have a bay window in our living room that the boys LOVE to climb in. Porter is always climbing in to the window and looking out it or bringing toys up to play with. He is truly our little Monkey!
Porter getting ready to throw the blocks off... A favorite for him!

Making his way up.
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Brotherly Love

Braylon and Porter have begun to play very well with one another. Braylon wants Porter to play with him when we are playing cars, blocks or anything else that he is doing. They both still have moments when the don't want the other there to play with their toys, but those moments are getting fewer and fewer a very nice change!
Braylon giving Porter a ride on the Smart Wheels Bike
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bath time

If there is one thing that our two boys love more than anything it is BATHTIME!!!!!!!!!!!! They would stay in the bath all day long if Mommy and Daddy let them.

Braylon dumping the bubbles out of bucket, he likes to dump the water over his head.
Porter chewing on a toy in the bath!
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Building Blocks

The boys love to play with building blocks, Braylon and Porter let Mommy build the blocks the boys knock the blocks over! You can't even build 4 blocks high without Porter knocking it over and then he laughs... Braylon has gotten a little more serious about building, we build using only red ones, only green ones, only yellow ones, and only blue ones... We see who can build the highest towers and then Braylon enjoys racing Porter to see who can knock the most over the fastest. Oh the competition begins early...

Braylon standing proudly next to his towers :)
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Snow Day!

Today I spent all day in a class training to become a Gymnastic Judge. Meredith and I even braved the crappy roads and drove over to Mankato for the training... I felt bad that the boys missed out on playing in the snow on the first day we got snow so when I got back I picked the boys up from my Mom's and we headed to get Braylon new snow boots and then home to play in the snow!

Trying to get a good picture of them... Neither wanted to look at dad when he was taking pictures!

 Porter LOVED every minute of the snow except that he couldn't really figure out how to walk in his snow boots so he spent a lot of time in the sled and then sitting in the snow. He tried to eat the snow, good thing Reese doesn't go to the bathroom in the front yard :)

Braylon didn't want to go in the house even with bribery of a sucker, he kept saying "No go in, I stay in Snow!" So finally we had to pick him up and bring him in the house...
Hopefully tomorrow it is done snowing and a little nicer outside so that we can play in the snow more!
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Trip to the Cities

On Monday we made the ever familiar trip to the cities to meet with Porter's Neurologist for his one year Post-Op from his Cranial Reconstruction Surgery...

It is hard to believe that it has already been a year since his surgery... How a year changes a child!
If there is one thing that is for sure... We count our blessings every day for the Miracle that we were given, Porter is nothing short of extraordinary!!!!!!
Dr. Nagib told us that Porter's head is shaped beautifully and that his Brain is normal and healthy... He also added that Porter has a large head, but that it is a beautifully large head and that we will not need to return to see them unless we should think that something is wrong! We promised to send them pictures, as we don't anticipate having to see them again :) I can't express how much we appreciate and are thankful to all of Porter's surgeons, doctors, and nurses that helped us and took care of him during a rocky first year! We will never be able to show our gratitude to them.
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Nap Time...

Porter loves it when Braylon is napping, if only Braylon new what Porter all does when he isn't around to protect his toys! Porter is constantly being told "No, Porter... Porter, No... Stop Porter" from his big brother. If Porter touches a toy that Braylon looked at 4 hours ago, Porter can not have it, Braylon tells Porter that it is not his toy, "Braylon's toy... No Porter have it"... Which leads to screaming, biting, hitting and time outs, never a fun time at the Jensen household! But when big brother is asleep the little brother can play! Porter enjoys having the house to roam and Reese to play with and every toy imaginable at his finger tips!

Porter and Reese enjoying the view from the front door... I love this picture :)

Just Mommy and Porter time... Judging from that smile he is excited  :) 
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Daylight Savings Time

It was so nice out on Sunday that the boys and I meet up with Cousin Candon and Nama Joan at the park to enjoy the beautiful weather! Unfortunately we didn't account for Daylight Savings Time and ended up playing in the dark for the majority of our time, hard to believe it was only 5:30!

Braylon and Porter enjoyed talking to each other while I pushed them on the swing... Braylon thinks that Porter is pretty funny and makes sure to tell Porter that he is funny... It just adorable to hear him say "Porter, that funny!" Porter knows that he is funny he throws his head back and belly laughs until he falls over then looks to make sure that he think he is funny too. 

Candon enjoying every minute of the park!

Are two year olds suppose to know how to use all of the contraptions they have at the park??? They just raced up them, my heart stopped only the first 300 times that Candon and Braylon went up this! They sure showed me though, neither one had any problems doing it... Oh I remember when the couldn't even roll over by themselves!

Porter had a blast running around like the crazy man that he is... He so desperately wants to be 2 years old like his brother and cousin. He doesn't fully understand that he isn't the same age and can't do the same things that they do... But after a little while he found his favorite thing to do was climb in and out of the red tunnel over and over and over again.
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Sunday, November 7, 2010


The boys love to play Basketball with Ben, we literally have every size basketball that you could imagine or ever want... But Ben insisted on two new ones that he could use to dunk with!

Braylon loved every minute of it...  

Porter wasn't so sure. 
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No pants required!

Braylon and Porter both enjoy running around without pants on... I would say that 5 out of 7 nights they both eat supper without pants on! Usually they lose their pants when we are changing diapers, we just don't put their pants back on (especially in summer when it is so warm out). Braylon is so use to it that if we grab his pants after having him go Potty he says "Mommy, no pants on!" and runs out of the bathroom. I do have to say that it is kind of nice now that we are elbow deep into potty training, it is a constant reminder that Braylon should go potty. Porter just loves being without clothes so any chance he can to kick off his pants and socks he takes it :)
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Porter went as a Giant Blue Monster for Halloween! I can not get over his costume, it is so bright and colorful and is very much a "Porter" costume, I bought it a little big for him, I may just let him wear it again next year :)

Braylon went as a very scary Dragon for Halloween! He loved to make the ROARing noise. Look at that smile, that is definitely one "scary" creature ;)

Braylon helping carry Porter's Halloween bucket, it was his sneaky way of getting more candy!

Porter was eating the candy as fast as Braylon could get it in the bucket, wrapper and all!

We had a great Halloween, the boys enjoyed every minute of it. We didn't do a ton of trick or treating, just families houses. Needless to say Braylon cleaned Nana Pammy out of candy, he filled his bucket to the brim with candy and then started working on Porter's, so we had no reason to venture out for more candy... Next year we will have to skip her house all together :)
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