Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lake Time

Now that the Summer months are among us, Grams has allowed us to spend time at their lake cabin. Porter and I have a lot of fun! We get to go swimming in the lake, the water is a little cold, Papa thinks that it is in the 50's... That doesn't stop me from jumping in! Mommy says I should have been a fish... Porter is not crazy about the cold lake water, but he will learn to love it just like me and my daddy do!

Mommy: Braylon was a little upset that he couldn't go swimming at 8 o'clock at night... If he had his way our little fishy would live in the water!


Porter: Being that it is my first year at the lake cabin I have a lot to learn.. Braylon has been doing a good job of teaching me the in and outs... And let me tell you with 3 dogs, 2 and sometimes 3 kids, and lots of Adults there is a lot to learn! The first thing that I learned is that in the morning we get pancakes and eggs for breakfast... Grandpa makes the best pancakes, I wish I could eat them all day long...

Mommy: Braylon has not learned that patience is a virtue... This picture was taken at 9:00 am, after he was very voiceterous about his wanting to go in the water! Yes and he did go swimming... Luckily it was daddy's turn to in the water with him!
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