Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Porter stricks again...

Again last night we put Porter down in his bed to go to sleep and when we went to put Braylon to bed, Porter had thought that Braylon's bed was a more suitable place to catch some zzzz's. He just cracks me up!

I found him this morning sleeping on our bedroom floor, I don't think he cares where he sleeps as long as he has his blankies!

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Look at that face!

Adalyn's new favorite face to make!

It is so sweet, I can't help but laugh and it usually never turns into tears, usually once you notice it and say what is that face for her frown turns upside down and she giggles! Very adorable :)
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A gorgeous evening

It was so nice out yesterday! Too nice to just play in our backyard on the swing set, instead we headed to a park after we got done eating.

Daddy and Adalyn

Daddy being silly with Porter on the tire swing!

All of them swinging at the same time!

Porter singing to Adalyn, she was very interested in every word he was saying.

Daddy and Braylon swining together, the boys favorite thing to do!

Braylon loving going really really high!

Adalyn laughing at Porter

Porter climbing to the top!

Braylon down the slide

Porter's turn for a ride!

The boys were pretty tricky, we told them that once they were done going down the slide it was time to go, they would go down the slide stop themselves, wait for the other to come down and then climb back up the slide so that they were never really off the slide! That worked about three times and then Ben went and captured them both :)

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where oh where could our little Maxie be?!?!?

We laid Porter down to go to bed last night and when Ben went to put Braylon to bed about 30 minutes later, Porter was not in his bed. My first guess was our bed, and that is right where we found him...

...Snoozing away! It appears by the orange "mustache" on his lip that he stopped at the fridge on the way to have a taste of his orange pop :)

He removed his jammies and made sure to bring along his ice (he had an awe arm about a month ago and he got to sleep with ice on it for one nap and ever since he has decided he needs to sleep with it every night, we have stopped putting it in the freezer for fear that he will get frostbite, even though he still insists it be in a towel) and his baby (the pink object peaking out from under the ice pack).
How can this sight not make you smile!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Me and my ducky

Adalyn has out grown her baby bath tub, for about the last month (a very sad moment in the Jensen household, knowing that we have no need for the bathtub every again, so we have already gotten rid of it). So we have been making adjustments to getting her to enjoy the actual bathtub, it has taken up until about last night. She actually enjoyed kicking and splashing in the water. Her favorite part is chewing on her ducky! Her one and only toy in the bathtub and the one and only toy that gets put away from the boys! We might be on the upswing to bathtime enjoyment :)

My ducky tastes so good!

Well hello Mommy, have you met my pink ducky?

Watching her mobile above her changer while getting lotioned up and jammies on for bed time.

Yikes did you just see what I saw?

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The ride home

The ride home from Nick Universe was a very quiet one, well for the most part...
Adalyn snoozed

Porter snoozing

Bubbies not so much snoozing (he has ice cream all over his face)

Braylon continued to wake this little lady up the entire way home, luckily she would be awake for a few minutes full of smiles and then go back to sleep until her brother would poke her or grab her hand to wake her up. Braylon is a mover when he is tired so he has to keep busy so he doesn't fall asleep!

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What to do...

Ben and I constantly say that we are too busy, we never have a day to just do nothing... Well this weekend was a weekend with nothing on our agenda, well at least for Sunday! So what do we do with our nothing to do Sunday... We loaded the kids up and picked up Uncle Ziggy and headed to Nick Universe, I think we create our own chaos :)

Porter doing a big No No on the semi ride!

I see trucking in their future ;)

Porter and Uncle Zacky Boy!

Daddy and Braylon

Porter and Daddy

Daddy and Zacky Boy are having more fun then the boys!

Waiting patiently in line for the next ride.

Look at those smiles!

Ben looks like he might be sick!

Cheesy smiles!

A wave for mommy! 

Braylon kept trying to slide off of his "bunny" on the merry go round. I think he gave Zack a minor heart attack a few times!

We had a lot of fun and the boys were very well behaved, Adalyn was along too, she was in her carrier most of the time, she wasn't feeling too good so she only wanted Mommy!
Thank you Zacky Boy for coming with!
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So close!

Adalyn has been rolling from her tummy to her back for the last 3 weeks now. She does it when she is sick of tummy time, which isn't very often for her, she enjoys laying on her tummy and being able to watch the world from a different view, she also brings her legs up under her and tries to push herself up, she can twist herself into different directions so that she can watch what is going on.
She is so close to being able to roll from her back to her tummy, which I am sure she will LOVE to do, because then she doesn't have to wait for Mommy or Daddy to put her on her tummy. She is a very good at roaming around the room while on her back, she digs her feet in and pushes her self backwards and cruises around. I was a little shocked the first time she did it and I put her on her play mat and went to switch the laundry and when I came back she was half way to the hallway!

On her side, trying to figure out how to get the rest of the way over!

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How opposite they can be!

There are times when the boys make me stop and think what we did differently when they were young to make them so opposite, mostly that question arises when it comes to their eating habits. Braylon is our healthy eater, he would pick fruit and veggies over candy 98% of the time. He loves eating salads, asks for them actually and loves eating smoothies and yogurt with fruit in it, when he was 2 he declared at the dinner table that he LOVES Brussels sprouts :) While P is very much a junk food junkie, he loves chips, M&M's, and cookies! If there is any junk food in the house Porter will make sure that it is consumed by HIM!
The other day the boys asked if they could have a snack, I said sure, Braylon asked for Yogurt with strawberries in it and Porter wanted chips and dip. So they each got what they wanted and I just watched in amazement as my two polar opposite eaters sat right next to each other enjoying the foods that they like best!

Snack time!
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Nighty Night

The boys have picked up a lot of "fatherly" instinct since the arrival of their baby sister. They have started playing with Adalyn's dolls, we don't have 1 Adalyn, nope we have 3, the boys each have an Adalyn as well. When Adalyn gets hungry so do their babies and they need to feed her like Mommy feeds Adalyn. They have to get stories read to them just like Mommy and Daddy read to them and Adalyn. On Friday I was getting supper ready and the boys disappeared into our room, when I went to peek in on them, I found them reading stories to their babies, because it was Nighty Night time for them. Their babies were tucked in tight and listening to their "daddy's" read them a story!
Braylon reading the Lion King to his baby (he does a fairly accurate job at telling the story)

Porter was reading Baby Hands love to his baby, he looks like he is enjoying the book a little more then his baby, but that is ok! :)

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Smitten like a kitten!

Braylon is just smitten with Pix, he loves to talk to her and showers her with kisses and shows her how silly he is! She is just as smitten with him, she hears his voice and she searches for him, she sees him and she lights up.
Braylon is so good at keeping her entertained when I need to get something done and she doesn't want to be left laying on her play mat or in her swing. He walks over and starts talking to her and she is suddenly perfectly content to lay or swing as long as I need! He is the best helper and oldest brother!
Porter will be the one to kick someones butt for breaking her heart, or calling her names, while Braylon will be the one to console her and tell her everything will be ok. She is one lucky girl!

It is a very special relationship that these two have.
I just adore this picture!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pix and Uncle Kevin

We go to Grammy's and Papa's every Monday night to eat supper. The kids love seeing their grandparents and seeing Uncle Kevin and Uncle Shawn. Kevin is SO good with the kids!

 Uncle Kevin and Pix (Adalyn's nickname) snoozing away!

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Not Fun... Not Fair!

Whenever the boys throw a temper tantrum or are mad because they don't get their way, Ben always says "NOT FUN, NOT FAIR!", usually it is directed at me and it always 99.5% of the time gets them to laugh and forget why they are so upset. However there is that .5% when it doesn't work and it is usually when Braylon doesn't win at something, he gets this very sad look on his face, stares at the ground and will do a very slow walk to the corner of a room and then stand still! He HATES losing, HATES it! We are trying to teach him that sometimes we just don't win, and that is ok, that next time we just have to try a little harder so that we can win. It falls on deaf ears, he just doesn't want to hear about next time. So we usually just have to let him get over it and join the fun when he is ready!
Saturday the boys were racing up the hill from the River to see who was going to win, well Braylon is like a cheetah when it comes to running and his poor little brother is more of a snail, that is until Grammy gives Porter a "ride" to the top and beats Braylon! Resulting in this sad sad walk...

And their off!

Grammy and Porter passing Braylon

Head down, sad, slow walk of defeat!

It is hard to explain to a 3.5 year old that some times we are not going to win, but that it is important to be a good sport no matter what! He thinks I am crazy! NOT FUN, NOT FAIR!
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Down by the River

When we go to Riverside Park we have to go check out the River, my least favorite part, I think way too much about them falling in, luckily Grammy had a pretty good hold on them and I got some pretty cool pictures of the three of them!
Heading down to the River

Checking it all out, the boys were plotting how they were going to get closer to the water and of course they figured it out pretty quickly!

Braylon smiling at me!

My favorite!

Braylon poking the water with his stick he found

Maxie "smiling" at me!

Heading away from the River, at this moment I sighed a big sigh of relief!

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