Monday, July 11, 2011

Long Drive...

On Saturday Morning we headed to Badger, SD to celebrate Ben's Grandfather's wedding day! The drive was about 3 hours and we had to make a pit stop in Tyler, MN (at Grandpa Lowell's house) to see the damage from the storm that rolled through last weekend! Also so that McKenna could eat and so that the boys could see TRACTORS!!!!!

Zack, Porter, Grams, Bray, Ben and Candon all looking at Grandpa's farm.

Porter with those silly rain boots on! Yes he had to wear them the entire drive to Badger, luckily he was distracted enough that when we changed him into his wedding outfit he didn't scream to have them on!

Uncle Zig, Candon and Braylon having a very special moment! Walking to look at the crops!

Braylon peeking in to see if there is anything in all that tall grass... Nope just grass!

Porter came to check it out too :)

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