Monday, July 25, 2011

Sunday Morning Fun!

Sunday Morning I was suppose to take Kenley's 3 month pictures, but she was a little unhappy so we decided to reschedule! Which left Ben and I an open morning, which are getting very rare in our household, as the last weekends of summer are getting more and more busy!
Ben had to do some Fantasy Football stuff, so the boys and I made Oatmeal and Walnut and Oatmeal and Chocolate Chip cookies! YUMMY! (No pictures of that, to busy trying to prevent kids from eating the raw batter and from dumping in too much of this and not enough of that!)
While our batter chilled in the refrigerator for a few hours we decided to head to the park, we met Grandma Joan, to play for a little while. I also wanted to get a start on the boys 2 and 3 year pictures (it breaks my heart to say those ages), and there is no better place to start then the park!

Braylon had a lot of fun in this swing!

Porter getting ready to go down the slide!

Going up the slide! This is where Porter spent 90% of his time!

Braylon tried out the tire swing! Porter tried also, but isn't big enough for it this year.

Braylon getting spun around and around (needs to be edited)

Porter going down the slide again!

Braylon tried out the beaver, for all of 1 second!

Look at me, I made it to the top!!!
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