Sunday, February 28, 2010

Brotherly love!

Braylon: Smiling nice with my baby brother! We are going to be best friends!

Porter: Braylon tries to steal my bouncing time! He thinks that he needs to show me how to bounce... But I am very capable of doing it all by myself!
Mommy: The boys took their first bath together... Braylon wasn't really sure what to think... especially when Porter continued to splash him! So Braylon would throw his bath time basketballs at Porter... They are brothers... they are going to fight!
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Ched style sleeping!

Mommy: Braylon and Porter have been sick for the past 4 days, they both have Bronchitis, so we have had some pretty long nights and days at the Jensen household! Braylon wakes up in the middle of the night so one of us goes to snuggle with him... It just so happened that last night it was Ben's turn to snuggle Braylon. When I got up with Porter this morning I poked my head in and saw that my two wonderful guys were snuggled up on none other than the ched! They looked so sweet sleeping there together!
Braylon: My daddy is the best to snuggle with!
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Kisses for the baby!

Mommy: Porter and I took this toy with to the cities... When we got back, Braylon was so excited to see the baby in the mirror that he gave himself a hundred kisses!
Braylon: Look everyone, the baby in the mirror came back :)
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Caleb's Wrestling

Porter: We went to my cousin Caleb's Wrestling Tournment and I got to spend time with my Nana... I love spending time with her...

Braylon: While Porter snuggled with Nana, I got to run around and eat out of my snack cup... Oh and I even watched Caleb wrestle for a second or two! I really kept my mommy on her toes!

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Big Boy Bed!

Mommy: Our little baby is growing up WAY to fast! On Thursday we converted his bed into a Toddler bed, or as Braylon likes to call it, his big bed or boy bed! What happened to our peanut?!?!?! Now he just has to pick out new big boy bedding :)
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Me and my daddy!

Porter: I really love to snuggle with my daddy! I think he really loves to snuggle with me too!
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18 Month Check up!

Braylon: I had my 18 month check up, Nana Pammy went with us so that she could help my mommy with myself and my brother. We were almost to Mankato and the doctor called and asked if we could move my appointment from 11 to 4, so the four of us roamed around Mankato for a while. I didn't get to take my morning nap so by the time 2 o'clock hit I was exhausted, so while my mommy and grandma shopped at Menards, I decided that I would catch a few zzz's! Mommy was so impressed, I napped the entire 2 hours that we were in the store and she was able to put me in my carseat and I didn't wake up! I had shopped until I dropped! My check up when very well... I weighed in at 27 pounds and I was 32 inches tall... I was such a big boy I didn't even cry when I got my two shots... now I don't have to get any more shots until I am going to school! Mommy says I don't get to go to school... We will see what she thinks in 3 years :)
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Normal at the Jensen household!

Porter: Last night my mommy was going to give me a bath, so we went into my room to get me undressed and when we went back into the bathroom what did we find but my big brother fully dressed in my bath water! He was even nice enough to bring a cracker in the water for me... Just in case I got hungry...
Braylon: I really like bath time... So I just decided since mommy left the bathroom door open and I am really good at climbing in and out of the tub I would just climb in and give myself a bath! I sure made Mommy and Daddy laugh!
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Monday, February 8, 2010


Braylon: I was teaching Porter how to use all of his toys to there full potential! He was a very good student, he just watched what I did, and now he really likes to play with all of his toys, just like I showed him!

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No more Illy Bag!!!!

Porter: I went to the cities a week ago so that Dr. Rustad could re-connect me! Here is my before and after pictures :) I hope that you enjoy!
They took care of my Ostomy, Hernia and they removed my appendics since it was kind of in the way... Mommy says we got a 2 for one deal! It is one less thing to worry about! I have a nice size scar, but that will only help me get the chic's one day... a long long time from now!
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