Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New phases and big changes

Adalyn has been without her nuk for 6 days and 5 nights, she is adjusting well. With the elimination of the nuk, she is becoming much more attached to her blanket; something that her big brother, Porter, is very excited about, he is always grabbing her blanket for her and helping her carry it around. It is hard to believe that our baby is already one, already without a nuk, already throwing temper tantrums... Before we know it she will be wearing red lipstick, black nail polish and a mini skirt... YIKES!
Our sweet baby only a few hours old... Oh how sweet she is
Nuk in the car

Nuk in the high chair
No nukie... Sleeping very peacefully
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bath time fun

Daddy went to Bockfest today, so it was the kids and myself plus Christian all day today. I have been wanting to get a picture of all three of the kids in the bath tub for a large area above the bathroom door in the kids bathroom; so after Christian got picked up I decided it was a great time to try to do a bath tub photo shoot. Much to my surprise I got some good images to work with. Now to choose a picture...
Braylon was the only one that was interested in the camera (no surprise)
I am in love with this picture.

Best buddies :)

This is another one of my favorites, real smiles, real laughter and a really great moment captured.

Forced smiles, but still a keeper.
I haven't gotten my camera out since Christmas :( I take advantage of the fact that I can take them on my phone, something I need to do a better job of in the future, I love my camera and my three amazing subjects :)

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