Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The other Easter events...

Here are some other random pictures from Easter at the Jensen's... I left my camera in the car when we went to Grandma Brush's for Easter, but Grandma Pammy has pictures on her camera I will get them and post soon :)

Braylon is a love bug, he was giving Kevin a hug and kiss! Kevin looks a little scared :)

The three boys in their sweater vests that Grams made for them, it is really hard to get a good picture of three boys, I must have 30 pictures of the the three of them sitting there and this is the best one!

Porter on the move, crawling down the steps to go and play

Candon was so thirsty, he was so funny with his mini pop, he must have been drinking it for hours, it was the can of pop that never ended!

Daddy and Porter enjoying a stroll around Grams' pool!

Braylon playing basketball with either David, Daddy or Candon...
Look at that form :)

Easter was great, we were thankful for the beautiful weather and the time spent with family! The boys were exhausted by the end.
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Help me tie my shoe... PLEASE!

Braylons shoe was untied, so Candon walked over and told Braylon that he would tie it for him. I have NEVER seen two children stay so still for so long! I took about 20 pictures of them just sitting in the same position, adorable :) Well it only started there, after Candon was done "tieing" Braylon's shoe, Mommy had to go and tie it, then Candon's shoe came untied so his Mommy had to go and tie it and the Cousin Chase's shoes were untied so the boys had to tie them... It was adorable! The funniest part was that Candon made Bray pull up his pant leg so he could see better and well look for the picture of Chase :)

This is how it started... Candon tieing Bray's shoe

Auntie Coley had to tie Candon's shoe

Braylon noticed that Chase's shoe was untied, so he thought he would help out... notice the pant leg is rolled up, he learned that from Candon...

Then Candon came to help out, also making Chase roll up his other pant leg. They sat there for a long time trying to tie his shoes! Very comical :)
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Bubbles Bubbles Bubbles

After they were done riding bikes, Grandpa Rick got out the bubble machine... This could have entertained Braylon for the next week I am sure. He kept turning it on and off... The boys had lots of fun playing with the bubbles. Porter didn't realize that the bubbles were coming out of a machine, so he would follow a single bubble all the way to the fence and then find another one to follow, I tried to get him to go by the bubble machine, but he was too fascinated with Bubbles, he would scream Bubble bubble bubble, reminded me of the fish off of Finding Nemo :)

Get ready Candon here they come!


Chasing the bubbles

Porter chasing bubbles

A sea of bubbles!

A bubble machine definitely beats taking all that time to blow bubbles!
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Easter Biking

We had a wonderful Easter, we started by going to Grandma Joan's and Grandpa Rick's. The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!! The boys were able to play outside all day, it was great!

We brought a bunch of riding toys up so that the boys had lots to keep them busy! Candon riding his big boy bike, he can really cruise on that thing! Braylon flintstoning, he has no interest in learning how to pedal, he figures he goes fast enough his way...

Ben pushing Porter around, since he got stuck on the Tractor, which he has no chance of pedaling!

Candon in his cool shades riding around the pool

A friendly game of Chicken between siblings

Braylon laughing about something...

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Coloring Easter Eggs

After the boys went egg hunting and ate lunch and took a short nap, Grandma Joan, Auntie Coley and Cousin Candon came over to our house to dye Easter eggs.

Porter just wanted to smash the eggs and throw them in the Dye, he didn't want anyone to help him either, so unfortunately he spent a lot of the time doing crying (see picture below).
Poor P :(

Candon and Coley making a blue egg

Grandma showing Bray how to mix the dye so that we don't spill all of our coloring every where. He got a little excited a few times! 
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Ready Set Hunt!!!!!!!!

We went out hunting on Saturday... for Eater eggs :) We took the boys to German Park to take part in the community Easter egg hunt. It was a lot of fun, the boys had a lot of fun getting candy! Porter found a sucker and asked me to open it and was pretty content with just that one thing... Until he saw all of the other kids picking up more suckers. Braylon was a mad man getting as much candy as he could find! Especially because suckers are his reason for breathing ;) After we were done at German Park we drove up to our church to do some more hunting... The boys got SO much candy, we have more than we do at Halloween!
Other than the colder weather it was a great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Braylon showing Uncle Kevin and Grandma Joan what is in his Easter basket

Porter eating his sucker

Bray hunting for Easter eggs at the Church

Porter thought this one looked like a keeper!

All three boys! Porter was a little inpatient when it came to waiting for the Easter egg hunt to start. He could see all of the eggs and thought that he should just be able to go and get them! Luckily he didn't have to wait long!
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dinner at Nama and Papa's

Tonight we went to Nama Pammy's and Papa Todd's for grilled kabobs, YUMMY! The boys played outside while Papa grilled. Thank you for the supper Nama and Papa it was delicious :)

Bray running around the yard

Chasing Reese, one of his favorite things to do! Reese loves it too :)

There is our happy little P and our silly Bray!

Downward Dog, he does this pose so well, it must be all of the practice that he does! I wish that I was that flexible still.

Swinging with Grandma!

Bray learning how to grill, Papa is a good teacher!

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One taken care of another on the way....

The last two nights Bray has told me that his ear hurts, the second I mentioned going to the doctor he would tell me, "No I not need to go to the doctor, my ear no hurt anymore". Well after last night I decided that since I had the day off I should take him in to just get it checked out, I would rather be safe then end up in the ER at 3am. Well turns out that Bray has an ear infection, the left ear is infected, the right is slightly red and not nearly as infected as the left but in a few days would be. So he is on medication to take care of it... This is Bray's second ear infection, so hopefully it doesn't progress to more.
Bray has been a little more grumpy lately, hopefully this medicine clears up those ears and we get back to having our happy Bray back!

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Explorer P...

Porter and I went for a walk this afternoon after we got back from lunch with daddy and running a few errands. Porter walked our walk, we just walked the three sidewalks on our block. Reese come along too, he was a little disappointed it wasn't a full hard working walk, but he had fun none the less. Porter had so much fun walking around and exploring.

P walking...

Stopping to pick up a rock...

Throwing a rock...

That look means I know I shouldn't be running on the neighbors lawn but I am only going to take one more step, I promise mom!

Mom stop taking pictures, I want to go down the slide!

Fixing the mower, a true fix it man!

All fixed and ready to mow!

The look of evil is in his eye, I will not eat this rock mom, I promise I will not eat it! He tried to eat it a few times...
I loved spending time with Porter today, I wish I could do it every single day!

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P's big day!

Porter had a very big day today! We went to the clinic at 6:45 and waited a very short while for the nurse to come and get us and Porter went back for surgery at 7:40 and came back to me at just after 8, we left the hospital at 8:45. Porter did very well, for the most part. He had a small meltdown (small meaning he threw himself all over the tile floor, I was trying to place his blanket under his randomly furiously slamming head, and proceeded to bite himself and his blanket, he has a good bruise on his forehead and a few scratches on his hands from biting himself) after Grandma Pammy had to head back to work and he was left with just Mommy! After he knocked his forehead on the ground he was pretty good about snuggling with Mommy and was ok with Mommy holding him. He demanded his shoes and coat be put on and I obliged because I was there to make him happy and comfortable. He cried until the second that those automatic doors opened releasing us from the Same day Surgery Center. He did so well the rest of the day! I can't believe how fast he has gone back to our happy, smiley, loving life little P :) The past couple of months have been rough on P, he has been in pain that we didn't realize he was actually in, we just figured it was a stage he was in. I am relieved and over joyed that our smiley little boy has come back to us! Thank you Dr. N!

Porter this morning, he was not ready to get up at 6:30, he just hid under the blanket saying No No No Mommy!

P playing trucks while we waited for the nurse.

Porter drawing mommy a picture! We brought trucks and Mickey along too.

P and Nama Pammy, opening the present that she got him! Thanks for the Mickey cars Nama, Porter loved them and the Teddy Grams, food is the way to his heart :)

After surgery we went home so Porter could eat breakfast and then take a nap. After nap time we went to run some errands and stopped to have lunch with Daddy at work! Porter loved his Ham sub and apples, along with a cookie, chips and a sucker!

We are so glad to have you back to yourself!
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Cool Shades!

We got the boys some new summer shades the other day! The boys have to wear them whenever we get in the car, no matter sunny or raining... Porter wears his glasses whatever way he wishes, Braylon does things a little more traditional.

Bray wearing his cool blue shades!

Porter, well... I have no words!
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