Thursday, July 14, 2011

SKID STEER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have mentioned the boys love for construction vehicles many times on the blog, summer is their very favorite time, because they get to see every possible kind of construction vehicle, driving down the road, being hauled or in action. The boys go NUTS over all of the construction vehicles that we see, I actually will take different routes when we are driving so that we can check out all of the construction vehicles. The boys know exactly where all of the Skid Steer's are in New Ulm (when they are not in use that is). Today was their lucky day, as we were driving past all of the M&R Dump Trucks and we saw a front loader and a digger on our way home from D's. We pulled into our development and there was a big white, dirty skid steer! The boys went wild, screaming at the top of their lungs SKID STEER!!!!!!! We got home and Braylon and Porter ran up onto the back deck and watched it at work. Braylon kept yelling HONK YOUR HORN! (must say that to the dump trucks they see at daycare). It was perfect because while I cooked supper the boys stood out on the big porch and watched the Skid Steer at work. They even had to pull out their own construction vehicles so that they could "pretend" (as Braylon calls playing). So cute, but I am pretty sure our neighbor who was enjoying dinner outside with her children, thought that they were crazy! Good thing we know them :)
Braylon trying to climb up the railing so he could see better!

Porter getting some leaves for the skid steer to pick up

Braylon telling me to stop taking pictures and look at the skid steer, as he squish's P into the corner of the railing!

Braylon up on the Porch checking out the skid steer.

Bray and P checking it out, they were just amazed at all it was doing, hauling cement blocks, dirt, rocks, backing up, going forward, beeping... So much to keep them busy!

And it just wouldn't be the same watching the skid steer without a sucker!

Or in Porter's opinion M's!

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