Thursday, January 28, 2010

Me and Porter's Teddy!

Braylon: I found Porter's Teddy Bear and decided that I would claim it as my own, I mean he is too little to know that it is his. So I took him around with me while I was swiffering the living room floor, couch and Reese... He gets a little dirty playing out in the snow! I had a lot of fun with him, so mommy said that while Porter is in the hospital I can look after his Teddy!

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Porter: I love all of my toys! My big brother is a little jealous that I have so many cool toys, it isn't like he doesn't have an entire basement full of toys! I love them so much that mommy has decided to take them all with us to the cities! All the other babies are going to be so jealous that I have so many cool toys!
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Braylon: I really love taking baths, there is so many fun things that I get to do when I take baths, Mommy and Daddy make my hair look like I am pig pen (off of Charlie Brown), then when I get out of the tub mommy wraps the towel around me and I like to wrap myself in it like it is my robe, but once it falls off I really LOVE to run around naked :) I run away from mommy when she gets my diaper! Mommy tells me that I am one cute kid! I would have to agree ;)

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Braylon & Porter: We thought that we would say hello to everyone as we join our blogs and make keeping our blog up to date much easier on mommy :) We are very excited to share our Blog, we are the best of friends already :)
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Combining Blogs

Mommy: I decided that it would be much easier to just have one blog that both of the boys can share their thoughts and photos on. Instead of them having their own. So we will be continuing to update Braylon's blog, but it will be both his and Porter's :) Enjoy!
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