Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swimming Madness!

Yesterday evening we headed up to Gram's house to cool off with a nice swim and to enjoy some pizza! The boys LOVE to swim and they swam their hearts out for an hour and a half before we had to cover the pool so that they would get out and come eat pizza! After eating they jumped back in for a short swim.
We had our first big scare of the season as Braylon fell into the deep end of the pool, luckily he had on a swim suit that had the life jacket built in, pool rule if you can't swim you have to have a life jacket on (sorry Uncle Kevin that includes you :)) He came up and flopped his arms and was perfectly fine, other than being a bit scared! It was also a good thing that Ben was just a few strokes away from him and was able to get him very quickly. He did very well and we were all very impressed by his quick reaction to stay above the water!
Sorry there are no pictures of yesterday's events, when you are swimming with our two Monsters there is no time for pictures! There will be plenty to come this weekend as we head to the lake!!!
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Morning Conversation...

Bray: I don't have a baby in my tummy.

Me: No you don't. Where is the baby?
Bray: In your tummy!
Me: Yup, the baby is in mommy's tummy!
Bray: I can not kiss the baby while I am pooping, ok mom?
Me: Ok, Bray! (thinking to myself thank you for not trying!)

This was Braylon and I's conversation this morning while he was sitting on the potty doing his business... Oh kids say the darndest things!
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Monday, June 27, 2011

What are we having today????

This is a terrible picture quality wise, but I love the actually image of the picture, Reese wants to know what they are having for snack today :) The good thing about this picture is that it is not a once in a lifetime picture, I see this a lot at our house, so it won't be hard to get a much better version of it!
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50mm Lens equals love!!!!

For my birthday the boys and Benjamin got me a new camera lens, I must say that I am in love with this lens. I have a lot to learn about it and it's capabilities, but it is simply amazing! I have been a little spoiled this year when it comes to getting my new camera and the two lenses I purchased with the camera, to get this camera lens was a wonderful surprise! I can check one lens off of my list that I have ;)

This picture isn't the best picture but it really shows the power this lens has with Bokeh (blur), Porter's back eye is blurred, the entire background is blurred to the point of not being able to recognize it! AMAZING!

Makes me laugh! Eating M's and watching Monster's! Again if you look at his shirt you can really see how many possibilities this camera has!

And it is so sharp! Porter's face is blurred out a bit but his arm is perfectly sharp and in focus!

Reese, body blurred out! Head (not in focus very well), but the concept is great!

I can't wait to learn everything about this lens and I have to do it quickly as I would like to use it for Baby Brigg's newborn picture's when she arrives :)
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Around and Around We go...

Friday Evening we went up to Grams and Papa Rick's to grill and run around around the pool, we were suppose to go swimming but by the time Daddy got off of work it had started raining... BIG SHOCKER!!!
So instead we played inside and waited for the rain to go away, ate supper and then headed outside to enjoy a very nice evening filled with many trips around the pool!

Porter "riding" the tricycle! He was pretty funny to watch :)

More P's style, he rides and let's someone else drive! Grams was pushing him around the pool.

Braylon has become a pedalling machine! He can really go fast if he wants to, but he tends to go whichever way his eyes are looking!

Trying to catch up to Grams and P!

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Wide open spaces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our basement project has been slow coming... That is until yesterday (Sunday), when a friend of ours come over to do some electrical work in our basement. We are moving washer and dryer down stairs and we are moving the Deep Freezer and Fridge to new locations, to make room for the boy's playroom. We also needed him to come and remove electrical outlets from the two half walls that we had dividing our basement into three useless rooms! The end product looks like this! It is very exciting to see so much progress made in a single day. Hopefully the rest of it can be completed before fall and well before Baby J's arrival!

The blue/gray door will be taken out and we will cut into the wall and put French style hinged door, so that we can allow more natural light into our basement :)

A view from the other end!
I can not wait for it to be finished!!!!!!
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Monday, June 20, 2011

This hill too big Mom!

When we got back from the lake on Sunday evening we decided to go for a walk. Braylon wanted to ride his bike and Porter rode in the wagon.

This is our Porter Max, he picked this outfit to wear! He is crazy over his rain boots and wants to wear them everywhere. So when he saw them in the closet he had to have them. He then comes out of the house and Ben looks at him shakes his head and Porter just belly laughs at himself!

Riding his bike down the street!

Porter shouting at the basketball hoop that we were walking by!

Bray had to stop and zip his bag on the front of his bike, because it was bothering him! I think he needed a rest after biking up that big hill.
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Special Daddy Moments of the weekend!

Ben is an amazing father! The boys and I count our blessings everyday for someone so loving, caring and funny! I hope that our boys grow up to be just like him! Here are a few pictures from this weekend of him and the boys! A little editing is required for a few of them, but they are still special none the less! Happy Father's Day Daddy, we love you!

So excited to see the Lake Cabin!

Snuggles for Daddy!

Kisses for Daddy!

Rides from Daddy!

Kisses from Bray

Fishing together!

Ben teaching Bray how to stop on his bike.

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Turtle Races

Ben and Zack kayaked over to Turtle Bay (a small bay attached to Minnie Belle) and caught the boys a few turtles so that we could have a turtle race.

Here are the four turtles that were captured!

Let the turtle races begin! Braylon really wanted his turtle to win, unfortunately it didn't do so well. Porter's turtle won the first time and then Candon's won the second time! Porter got a small little nibble from the turtle, he wasn't very excited about being picked up by the leg...

Braylon and Daddy letting our two turtles go! Porter was done with the Turtles by this time!
I am sure this will be something that we do more often as the boys get older.
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When we got back from our Pontoon ride, Ben and Zack were in the hot tub so Candon and Braylon decided that they wanted to go in as well! So they spent some time enjoying the nice warmth...

Candon drinking his juice talking to Uncle Zack

After warming up, the boys needed to get all of the chemicals off of them, so they had two options, take a shower (made the most sense to me) or jump in the lake (BRRRR)... Being boys they decided to jump in the lake!

And they actually enjoyed it... After the initial shock of the temperature difference went away!

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Fishy, Fishy, Fishy!

Braylon and Candon fished with their dad's and Grandpa on Sunday morning! Braylon caught 5 little sunfish. He really enjoyed himself! We will have to get him his own fishing pole, maybe one more his size :)

Braylon fishing all by himself, he didn't want Ben to help him. He looks so old :(

Ben ready to help if he is needed... Which he wasn't until he had to get the fish off of his hook, Braylon wouldn't touch them! Porter grabbed a hold of them like they were gummy fishies!

Look at that big fish Bray caught ;) That was all the closer he would get to it!

Candon and Grandpa caught a big fish!

Bray doing a little more fishing of the little dock, look at how big that pole is compared to him! (Picture needs to be edited, was so busy snapping shots I didn't switch my shutter speed, thank goodness for Lightroom)

Braylon fishing with Uncle Kevin off the Pontoon. The hot spot wasn't so hot!

Then we went and tried with Grandpa...

Braylon had a lot of fun fishing and it is something that I am sure we will be doing a lot more of!
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Pantoon Fun!

We spent time cruising around on the pontoon this weekend. Enjoying the brisk "summer" air!

Kevin and Bray wrestling on the Pontoon!

Porter was not happy about the long ride, so Ben had to entertain him. Making funny faces while spitting the inner seed of sunflower seeds in his palm so Porter could eat them. It was actually very funny to watch!

Candon, Grandpa and Braylon driving the boat! Candon actually drove, Braylon was in charge of radio and Grandpa just directed which way to turn!

Porter being silly! He had to have his hood up at all times!

I love that smile!

Porter making sure we don't hit the wall when we are parking the Pontoon!

Candon really wanted to go on a Pontoon ride! We weren't just ready yet! Such a cute boy :)

Braylon looking for the cabin! I really like this picture of him!

Ben blowing raspberries on P's tummy! Anything to make him happy for ride back to the cabin...

Candon helping Grandpa park the Pontoon! It looks way easier then it is.
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Weekend at the lake!

We headed up to the lake on Saturday after Ben got off of work. Auntie Coley, Uncle Kevin and Cousin Candon were already up there with Grams, Grandpa, Uncle Zack and Blake. It wasn't a very warm weekend to be in the water, so we had to find other things to do to pass the time! Braylon had so much fun playing with Cousin Candon that he asked me this morning on the way to Deana's if we were going to Candon's house :) We started off by eating dinner and then the boys went outside to play!

Porter claiming the rock as his resting place! Braylon not looking pleased ;)

After Porter was finished relaxing Bray crowned himself King of the Rock!

The boys watching the boats drive by on the lake. Uncle Ben wouldn't let them go onto the dock, so they all just sat on the steps watching... or plotting ;)

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Duck Days Parade!

Meredith invited us to come and enjoy the Parade in Lake Crystal on Friday night! The boys had a lot of fun getting candy and playing with the other kids.

Bray snuggling with Daddy, he only came off when candy was being tossed out, he didn't like the loud bands or honking trucks!

So P was the sole entertainer for us! Porter jumping out of excitement for the trucks!

Holy crap mom a police car!


Porter getting down with the marching bands! He danced to pretty much every one that came by.

Porter being Porter!

A close up :)

The boys had lots of fun and they were exhausted by the time we left! Both fell asleep on the car ride home. Thank you for the fun Nordby/Jones family!

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