Monday, September 12, 2011

Wrestle Mania!!!!

Benjamin has gotten Braylon into wrestling, I am not talking about high school wrestling, I am talking about TNA, WWE fake, drama filled wrestling! It makes me a little sad, but he really loves it, so as his mommy I will allow him to watch "wrestle" (as Bray calls it) and even allow him to play with the action figures.
Ben has a ton of wrestlers at the lake cabin from when he was young and Braylon LOVES to play with them, the other night we were at Grandma Pammy's having supper, Braylon and Grandma disappeared for a while and when the returned they had a huge box that was filled with wrestlers. Braylon instantly picked two of them (Hulk Hogan and DDP (he was trying to find Sting but couldn't, we found it on Saturday and he traded in DDP for Sting without hesitation)) and insisted that he get to bring them home. He has had those two wrestlers by his side for the past 4 days! Well yesterday I told Braylon that if he was really good that he could go to the store and pick out a new wrestler, and of course he bargained me up to two wrestlers.
We decided that we would go to Target in Mankato, thinking they would have a better selection (they definitely didn't). He ended up getting a ring and 6 mini wrestlers in a set, thanks to Grandma Pammy. He was the happiest kid EVER!

Braylon showing Porter how it works

Porter and Braylon playing together so nicely!
Porter was just as nice and allowed Braylon to play with his new train and track that we got for him when we were in Mankato.

My mother and I are going to the cities this weekend, we will be looking for a better selection of wrestlers at Toys R Us! Great Christmas presents!!!!

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Last swim of the season????

After Braylon and I got back from Mankato we swung home and picked Daddy and Porter up and headed to Grandma Joan's and Grandpa Rick's to go for a quick swim and watch us some Vikings. Although the Vikings didn't do as well as we would have liked, the boys had a great time swimming!

Porter floating and squirting, while daddy pushes him around the pool...

Such a great smile!

Braylon was busy jumping and those pictures never turn out, they are always blurry especially with my point and shoot. I do have a great video I will try and post though!
Thanks Grandma Joan and Grandpa Rick for letting us come and swim! It was a great time.
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Lifting Tires!

Braylon, Grandma Pammy and myself had to make a quick trip to Mankato so that we could return Daddy's tux from the wedding he was in on Saturday. Daddy and Porter stayed home and napped and watched football while we were gone.
When we went to drop Grandma off at her house, Braylon was surprised to see a fork lift sitting in Grandma's backyard. We had to get out and look at it, so Braylon asked Papa if he could drive with him and of course Papa couldn't say no! So they picked up a car that was on a trailer and then they picked up some tires that were still on the axle in the driveway! Braylon was SOOO excited that he was even telling me about it this morning.

Braylon lifting the tires up and down!

And again...

The car they picked up is in the background and they are working on picking up the tires.

I have always thought Braylon looked so much like Ben, until I see these two together!

Thank you Papa for letting Braylon drive his first fork lift, I am sure in just a year he will be certified to do all your fork lifting for you :)

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Fly In Breakfast!

Sunday morning we picked the boys up from Grandma Pammy and we headed to the New Ulm Regional Airport to Fly In breakfast, where we met Grandma Joan, Grandpa Rick and Uncle Zack! There were tons of airplanes to check out along with a firetruck, police car, and ambulance. The boys even went to sit in Grandpa Rick's airplane, one day soon he will have to take them for a ride!

Checking out one of the planes, they had some really cool ones to look at! The boys were fascinated by them!

My vikings fans!

Grandpa Rick showing Braylon the firetruck

Walking to see more planes 

Now off to find some pancakes

The firemen helped Porter in the firetruck, Porter was trying to turn the lights on but got snatched up too quickly!

Braylon and Porter checking out the ambulance

Both trying to drive!

We had a blast checking out all of the airplanes and rescue vehicles! We will have to do it again next year :)

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Ben and I had a wedding on Saturday.

Me (and baby), Ben, Brian and Jess

Being that Ben and Brian were in the wedding Jess was my date! She was a perfect date that didn't talk about fantasy football all night ;)
We had a wonderful time and are so happy for Bryan and Renee!

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

An even bigger boy bed... COOL!

Braylon got to move out of his twin bed last night and was surprised when Daddy hauled up the Full size bed from the basement! He was so excited to have an even bigger boy bed, he and Porter tested it out, jumping on it! Then we all gathered on his bed and read our night time stories, much more comfortable then the Twin bed that we would congregate on before! We need to get him some new sheets for it, the ones that we have don't match his Lightning McQueen comforter very well, so after daycare we are off to pick out some new ones!
He was so excited about his bed that he actually came to wake me up at 3 am to tell me that he really likes his new bigger boy bed! Asked me to come lay with him in it, so I could like it to and within 5 minutes he was back to sleep!
I am all for a bigger bed, he went to sleep SOOOOO much easier last night and didn't fight me when he had to go back in his bed after coming to visit in the middle of the night! It is a win for all of us, especially if it means bedtimes are a little easier and less midnight visits and tantrums.
He even asked if Porter could sleep with him in his bigger boy bed, we might try that one day, but Mommy and Daddy are not quite ready for that!

Daddy and Braylon reading, look at all of that extra space, Porter was there when I snapped the picture and by the time the picture actually was taken he had scooted himself off of the bed to find another book.

Bray showing daddy all of the construction vehicles, skid steer, backhoe loader, front loader, roller, etc.

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Porter's 2 year check up!

Porter is 2... Holy Moly I can't believe it, how time flies by. It feels like yesterday that Ben and I were first meeting him. Those days and weeks at Children's are fresh in my mind, if I think long enough I can still smell the sterile air. Luckily those days are long behind us, but in turn that means with each passing day Porter gets a bit older.
We had his 2 year check today and he is doing wonderful! Dr. B said that he is a perfect, healthy 2 year old little boy! She and I sat and reminisced about how far he has come and watched in awe as he showed off for her.
Porter is 28 pounds 6 oz and is 35 inches tall, he is in the 50% for weight/height, he is getting taller and leaner. His head circumference is off the charts, but is following the growth curve, so there is no concern or issues there.
He had to get two shots today and was a tough little man through the first one and the second one just hurt too much to hold back those tears! He quickly perked up when I told him we were all done and free to go see Grandma Pammy! He ran out the door and down the hall, knowing exactly where to find her!
In the past few weeks I have realized that Porter is not a baby and I actually see him as a toddler and not as my little baby that solely depends on his mommy, it makes me a bit sad, but also makes me look forward to watching as he discovers the world and learns all the things that his crazy big brother teaches him :)
Porter trying to put his shoes on for a quick escape before the nurse brought back those shots! (Notice that adorable yellow diaper! Dr. B was very impressed with how far cloth diapers have come she actually sat and inspected it, she was very interested in it!)

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