Monday, July 25, 2011

Porter Part 1

Porter is going to be 2 on September 3rd! So I am trying to get his and Braylon's 2 & 3 year pictures done, while it is still nice out :) Our schedules are filling up, so we will have to pick a few weeknights to get them done. We were going to do them on Saturday but the weather didn't look the nicest and we had a baseball game at 12 to attend, so when it finally did warm up, it was too late for us to start. So we went to the park on Sunday morning and I did manage to get a few of Porter, Braylon was busy spinning on the tire swing and running up and down the slides... So Porter was my focus as he was just fascinated with the yellow slide! (A few of them are going to need to be edited).
Porter is one of those Children that wear his expression on his sleeve! You know what he is thinking or feeling by the look on his face! When he is happy he sparkles, you can see his true personality! You can see when he is being silly, or mad or really mad! I love all of the faces that he makes, even when he is REALLY MAD, you can't help but laugh and smile!

Many Many more to come! I have a lot of location ideas in mind, so stay tuned :)

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