Monday, July 11, 2011

Congratulations Grandpa Lowell!

We didn't get any pictures at the wedding wedding... And I asked for a picture of the four of us, but things got crazy really fast, so I just snapped a few pictures when I could. The boys were "well" behaved for the circumstances, no nap, didn't eat until after 7 and it was 100 degrees, and no air in the church.
 But they had a great time and spent the 3 hour drive home sleeping :)
Congratulations Grandpa Lowell and Doris we are so happy for the two of you!

Porter enjoyed dancing and the punch (if you can't tell from his shirt)

Rachel, Avery, Braylon and Porter waiting for the music to start...

Braylon, Porter and Candon waiting... Candon didn't really want to be associated with the Jensen boys so he sat a little further away!

Candon and his baby sister McKenna

Porter, Rachel, Bray and Candon dancing their tails off!
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