Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas!

These are some pictures that we took for our christmas card that we sent out to everyone! My mommy and daddy waited until 9 o'clock at night to take pictures, so I was not a very happy boy! As you can see, my mommy is trying to calm me down, but I didn't want to take pictures! My puppies on the other hand LOVE to get their pictures taken, no matter what time it is! My mommy took this nice picture of me smiling the next morning! I was much happier, plus I was in my Bumbo chair... Who wouldn't be happy in a bumbo chair?

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tub Time!

This face makes my mommy's heart melt! She thinks that I am the cutest baby in the whole world!

I love bath time! I enjoy it much more now that I am a little bigger and have a little more meat on my bones! I still make mommy put washcloths over me, otherwise I shiver a lot and then I get a little grumpy! So it is better for everyone if I am a little covered! I kick my legs up and down, mommy thinks that pretty soon we should get me a foam mat for the actual bathtub so that I can splash around!

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Lounging in my Carseat!

This is me in my carseat, as you can see, I really love to sit in my carseat! I especially love my carseat when I have toys to play with. My mommy and daddy always have lots of toys along for me to play with.
This is my pretend sleeping smile! I am always pretending to sleep, I am such a tricky little boy!!!!
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Oh so sleepy!

My mommy tells everybody that I don't sleep at night! But look at me sleeping away! I just think it is better when I sleep when my mommy is awake so that she can watch me! I know how much my mommy loves to take pictures of me sleeping and all the cute ways I sleep! She tells me that she is going to try her best to teach me night and day! I can't blame her for trying!!!

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My best buddy!

This is me and my best buddy Candon! He is a little bit bigger then me right now! But I think in no time at all I will catch up to him! He really likes to smile and talk, my mommy says she can't wait for me to smile all the time, instead of just when I have gas!

This is the difference in size between Candon and I. It really is not that much! I was trying to poo so I am not stretched out all the way! I asked him if I could borrow some of his extra pounds so people would stop telling me that I have to eat! People need to remember that he is 11 weeks older than me!

Mommy says that this is the cutest picture ever, she has it in black and white hanging in my room! I got a little nervous and so I reached for Candon's hand! NO big deal...

This is grandma driving us all back home from visiting my great grandpaents! Baxter (grandma's poochy) is Grandma's co-pilot! Candon and I got to rid in the middle seats, mommy and auntie Coley had to sit in the way back!! Candon was lucky, his mommy got him a nice toy for his car seat! I tricked my mommy and was a little grumpy on the way home so she decided that a toy on the car seat is a great idea, so she went and got me one!! I am so tricky!
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Visitors... Visitors...

This is Grandma and Grandpa Thomsen, my cousin Candon and me! I got to go and visit my Great Grandparents twice in three days!!!! This time instead of my daddy going, my cousin Candon and my auntie Coley came with Grandma Joan and mommy. I really like visiting them, Grandpa Thomsen really liked talking to me and trying to wake me up, not an easy task!!!

This is my DADDY :) and great grandma Thomsen and me of course! We went down to Tyler to visit my great grandparents, before my grandma Thomsen had to go back to the hospital, so that she can get better and we can see each other whenever we want! We were very excited to see one another! I really enjoyed sleeping in Grandma Thomsen's arms!

This is Brody! I went to Mexico with him and his family and our family and the Nelson's, when I was still in my mommies belly! He really liked my mommy, that is because she bought him chips with pokeman cards in them! He held me very nicely and didn't want anyone to help him, his mommy did anyways! One day I will be big and we will get to play together with trucks and turtles!

This is me with Carly, she waiting a very long time to see me! She came to the hospital to see me when I was just 6 days old and she couldn't come in cause she was not old enough! I felt really bad that she came all that way and she had to wait in the waiting room. So I was very happy that she got to come and see me!

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Me and My puppy!

This is me and one of my puppies, Reese! He really doesn't pay any attention to me... Unless of course I am sitting in my swing, then he thinks he
has to give me kisses... lots and lots of kisses! My mommy says that he is just giving me kisses as a distraction, he is really looking to take my nuk! I don't mind though, I like his kisses. Plus he is big enough to just stick his head in my swing! The chubby one (Miss Maddison) she tries to tumble me out of my swing, she puts her paws up on the swing! Mommy says she does that cause she wants to eat me! Daddy doesn't agree!

This is Maddi... She is waiting for mommy to serve ME on a platter!!! Ha...
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Monday, September 22, 2008

Tummy Time

This is me enjoying tummy time! I really love laying on my tummy! My mommy says that I am not like most babies! I have the best dreams when I lay on my tummy! Dreams of my cousin Candon and I playing or of Candon and I enjoying a nice bottle of milk while catching rays in Mexico! I wish mommy would let me sleep like this all of the time! But she says only when she or daddy can watch me, I guess they really love me and want to keep me around! I am going to have to find a way to work something out!
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My love for daddy!

This is me and my daddy! He is the best, he is there to hold my hand after my mommy gives me a bath and puts lotion on me... I don't like bath time or getting cold lotion on me! My mommy says it is so that I smell like baby (the best smell in the world!), I say it is not needed I don't play or do anything that makes me smell! She does not listen to me! But daddy is always there to save the day. This time I exhausted him, so he declared nap time! I just laid and held on to his hand... Then he could not leave me! I really love my time with daddy!

This is my daddy and I's first picture of daddy holding me, this is in the hospital! This was the first time that daddy got to hold me, I was 3 days old! My mommy loves to take pictures of us together!
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