Monday, March 4, 2013

Cousin Sleepover!

Last Saturday the Briggs' came to New Ulm so that they could sign papers on their house, yup they are moving to New Ulm; next weekend actually! We are A LITTLE excited to have them closer to us; although Porter will miss going to the fire truck in LaCrosse (the children's museum). Anyway, Candon got to do a sleepover at our house on Saturday night; the boys had a BLAST!
We went to pick Candon up from Grandma Joan's on Saturday and drop Adayln off for a little play date with Kenna and we then headed to Happy Joe's for supper!
The boys watching their Pizza and Bread sticks being made

Sunday Morning we took full advantage of the beautiful weather and we went sledding and played outside for 6 hours! 

Braylon, Ben and Porter sledding together

Ben and Porter ENJOYING themselves!

Braylon whipped out; that smile says it all!

Bray and Candon trying different sledding techniques!


Candon and Porter; Porter forgot to put his foot in the sled!

Your turn to carry the sled up the hill, my arms are tired...

Porter enjoyed going down the slop of our driveway on his big wheel

Adalyn's first time sledding...



Braylon on his scooter

Candon on his scooter


Mommy's turn to pull Pix up the HUGE hill; that is a workout in itself.

One more of Daddy and Porter

Adalyn LOVED every minute of sledding; constantly saying MORE, MORE

The little hill one more time

Braylon tried out the little hill too; he said it was good for babies, but not him.

Candon enjoyed himself.

Adalyn loved watching the boys bike/scooter down the driveway.

Porter got stuck on an ice patch; slow moving :)
It was such a fun weekend with all three of the boys and Adalyn. We can not wait for many more sleepovers and for these three boys to see each other more.
Candon told Braylon that when they move to their farm, Braylon could sleep there every day; Braylon was a little disappointed when I told him that he could have a sleepover every once in a while but not everyday.
Thanks Briggs' for letting us borrow Candon!

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