Friday, May 18, 2012

Snuggle Buddy

Braylon and Porter have been sharing a room for about 8 months now, and it seems to have maybe gotten a little better, we may have found a solution for crazy, dreaded, night time routine... Them sleeping together! The other night they decided that they wanted to sleep together in Porter's twin size bed... If you insist!

They sure look comfy!
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big Huge Giant Tub!

The other night Adalyn got to take a bath in mommy and daddy's whirlpool bathtub, it was late (9 o'clock) and the boys were getting a bath in their tub, we had been outside all day and Adalyn needed to get the sunscreen washed off, so she got to play in the "Big, HuGe, GIANT tub" (Braylon and Porter's description of the whirlpool tub), both boys were so jealous that she got to tubbers in it, that I promised them the next night they could take a bath in it. A promise is a promise...

Hard at play! They love using squirt bottles in the bathtub!
(I have a really cute picture of both of them smiling, but little boy parts are showing, so this picture was substituted)
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Such a great place to catch a few zzz's...

For a little girl that HATED the stroller when we first started using it, she sure has learned to love it...
She zonks out after only a few minutes in the stroller!
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Warm weather treats

One of the things the boys love about warm weather is that the freezer gets stocked with Freezies!

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Small and Fuzzy...

We have been finding tons of Catepillars lately, we found a few at Grandma Joan's and Grandma Pammy's on Sunday and then we found a bunch at our house the last few days. We have been making sure to put them in "safe" places so that birds and lawn mowers don't get them. The boys sure think it is fun to inspect them.
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On Mother's day we went to Grandma Joan's pool to go swimming for a while (at least the boys did). The water was only 70 degrees, so it was a bit chilly, the boys braved the water for a while and then decided that the edge of the pool was much warmer! Poor Ben was stuck in the water, just incase one decided to jump in :)

Braylon swimming to warmer weather!

Porter testing the water

Down the slide with daddy!

Braylon's turn!

Adalyn and her piggies enjoying the entertainment!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It is only because of you... and you... and you... and of course you!

If it were not for the three most amazing children (of course I am biased, every mom thinks their kids are the best), there would be no need to celebrate the wonderful day devoted to Mommies! We had a very relaxing day, we went to Grams and Grandpa Rick's to swim (myself and Adalyn cheered the boys on as they braved the 70 degree pool), we then went to Grammy Pammy's and Papa Todd's for a grill out and then back home to enjoy some fun outside before calling it a night!

I am gifted every single day with lots of "I love yous", hugs, kisses, temper tantrums, snotty noses, poopy diapers, back talking (Braylon's new skill, he has mattered it quite quickly), biting, hitting and of course cuddling! I get to experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows with each child multiple times a day and some days it seems like I am on a never ending roller coaster holding one boy in from being pushed over the edge (from his big brother) and covering the other boys eyes while we plummet to the bottom at warp speed all while nursing the calm cool collected little lady.

Even with all of these "fun" Mommy tasks at the end of the day I lay in bed and count the endless amount of blessings that I have been given. I wouldn't trade a single "undesirable" moment away, because like Ben reminded me this morning as I was complaining about my back and neck hurting from being used as a punching bag for the two toddlers that weaseled their way into our bed sometime in the early morning hours, don't wish it away because soon enough they won't want to sleep with us and then you will wish they did!

I also have to thank the most amazing man in the world that puts up not only with all of the same stuff Mommy does, but also puts up with Mommy! He puts up with my short temperateness that arises after a long rainy Saturday when the kids and I have been couped up inside all day and the walls seem to be closing in and all I want to do is cry but all I can is laugh hysterically, or even worse when the tears actually come (not fun for a man that just worked for 8 hours to come home to)! But I am most thankful for getting to be the Mommy to his "Daddy" (like yin to yang)...

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Just Maxie and Pix

Ben and Braylon went to the store on Sunday morning which left just Maxie and Pix and Mommy and Reese! Porter wanted to go for a walk, so he road his bike while Pix went in the jogger and Reese was on his leash. I can't wait until Porter can bike a little longer, then the boys can bike while I run :)

Pix and Maxie before we took off!

Rocking the sunnies, nothing that this girl hates more then the sun in her eyes!

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Beautiful weather!

The weather was so nice out on Saturday that the kids and I were outside all day, except during the boys nap time, they both probably would have napped outside had I let them.

Braylon riding his bike, it might be time for a bigger bike, look how high his knee comes up!

Braylon giving Adalyn some love and attention!

Porter hiding behind the tree!

Porter pedaling the "tractor" he sure picked up pedaling fast!

Braylon resting in the grass

DADDY is home! Porter finally let me change him into shorts and short sleeves after nap time!

Going super fast on the scooter!

Reese said it best as EVERYONE in our house was very tired on Saturday night for the wonderful weather and being outside all day long!

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Friday, May 11, 2012

A late night cruise...

We got home from Grammies and Papa's it was about 8:00 and we went inside for a short while so that Adalyn could go to sleep and then we headed outside so the boys could go for a late night cruise... to the corner and back!

Enjoying a cruise down main street! I love Porter's face in this picture.

Braylon telling Porter that they are going to run Mommy over (silly mommy was sitting on the driveway, right in their path).

Your wheel is on my TOE!
Silly boys :)

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A warm evening for summertime fun

A warm night of playing at Grammies and Papa's!

Adalyn wanted to take a ride in the back of the truck, neither boy was impressed!

Porter declared that it was his spot and Adalyn was not allowed!

Getting loved up by Great Grandma A and Great Grandpa A

Swinging away

Pushing Braylon in the baby swing

Relaxing enjoying his apple!

Hello cutie

Big smiles

Down the slide!

A rare moment, Shawn holding Adalyn!
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Happy Girl

Adalyn only napped for 30 minutes, but she woke up happy as can be! Especially for a little girl that is battling a cold!

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A guilty pleasure

As a mom my guiltiest pleasure is being able to spend one on one time with the kids. I love to hear their stories, listen to what they have to say and love them up without other interruptions or tasks that arise. Braylon and Porter are very different children when they are not with their "better/worse" half :) 
Since Adalyn's birth I get a lot of one on one time with her (I enjoy every second of it), but that means that I have less one on one time with the boys.
On Wednesday Grams had Porter (the boys switch off going to her house on Wednesday's), Ben was going to pick him up on his way home and Adalyn had fallen asleep on the way home from D's, which left Braylon and I about 30 minutes of just him and I time! 30 minutes that I soaked up nothing but my Bubbies!

Braylon jumped in his "Escalade" took it for a spin!

Braylon wondering around in the dandelion field (aka our yard), we had to go check out some pretty flowers that the neighbor had planted.

Then back to driving around, he had to stop and get the "tools" out of the back so he could "fix" his motor.

After his repair it ran like new again ;)

We didn't do anything extrodinary, but it was nice for both of us to just be able to direct our full attention on each other!
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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mommy's gonna be mad at you...

There is something that just bothers me when people feed babies food when they are not suppose to have any! Ben of all people know this, because he is my 'go' to person when I complain about it. People in my family don't understand that exclusively breastfed means exclusively breastfed! My mother being the number one culprit of the crime (yes mom you ;)).
Well the other night Ben was eating some chocolate pudding, Adalyn was sitting in her bumbo chair enjoying the view, while I was doing laundry. When I hear Braylon say Mommy's gonna be mad at you! Braylon was right! Ben had decided that Adalyn needed to taste chocolate pudding! Luckily she didn't like it, she spit it back out at him and the evidence was all over her sleeper!
I told Ben I am not making him anymore chocolate pudding if that is what he does with it! He was quick to respond with, he wouldn't be giving her anymore if she spits it back out! Oh that naughty Daddy!

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5 months old!

Adalyn was 5 months old on Thursday, it is hard to believe that it has been 5 months since she graced us with her presences. She is the most amazing little girl, she makes me fall more and more in love with her with every passing moment. Her smile lights up the room and she has the most adorable little giggle. She continues to learn new things and challenges herself daily, she is working on sitting up by herself, she can make it for about 5 seconds before slowly sliding forward until she is sandwhiched in half. She still loves tummy time, and will roll herself over when she wants to, she inches her way around when on her tummy and her back, she can go much faster on her back, but doesn't mind trying on her tummy for a while. She loves to talk to us, and you can tell by the tone of her voice, whether she is happy, frusterated or just relaxed.  Every day I pick her up from day-care I swear she has gained another 10 pounds, because her cheeks just look so much bigger and she gains another roll somewhere. Even her little fingers are getting rolls on them ;)
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A daughter father relationship

Adalyn adores Benjamin and it shows!

they are adorable to watch together!
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Let them OUT!!!

Braylon and Porter are outside kids, even when has just rained all day, all they want to do is be outside. We put a sandbox in our backyard about a month ago and it gets used on a daily basis! The boys love to be outside doing various activities, especially digging in that sandbox.

Porter's "cheesy" smile

Adalyn LOVES to swing!

Braylon digging with his skid steer

Porter playing with the "mini" front loader and dump truck

We are so thankful for nice weather when we get it! The boys don't understand that we don't always get nice weather, which makes three days of rain cause those two little boys to go VERY stir crazy!

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