Thursday, June 30, 2011

Swimming Madness!

Yesterday evening we headed up to Gram's house to cool off with a nice swim and to enjoy some pizza! The boys LOVE to swim and they swam their hearts out for an hour and a half before we had to cover the pool so that they would get out and come eat pizza! After eating they jumped back in for a short swim.
We had our first big scare of the season as Braylon fell into the deep end of the pool, luckily he had on a swim suit that had the life jacket built in, pool rule if you can't swim you have to have a life jacket on (sorry Uncle Kevin that includes you :)) He came up and flopped his arms and was perfectly fine, other than being a bit scared! It was also a good thing that Ben was just a few strokes away from him and was able to get him very quickly. He did very well and we were all very impressed by his quick reaction to stay above the water!
Sorry there are no pictures of yesterday's events, when you are swimming with our two Monsters there is no time for pictures! There will be plenty to come this weekend as we head to the lake!!!
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