Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where oh where could our little Maxie be?!?!?

We laid Porter down to go to bed last night and when Ben went to put Braylon to bed about 30 minutes later, Porter was not in his bed. My first guess was our bed, and that is right where we found him...

...Snoozing away! It appears by the orange "mustache" on his lip that he stopped at the fridge on the way to have a taste of his orange pop :)

He removed his jammies and made sure to bring along his ice (he had an awe arm about a month ago and he got to sleep with ice on it for one nap and ever since he has decided he needs to sleep with it every night, we have stopped putting it in the freezer for fear that he will get frostbite, even though he still insists it be in a towel) and his baby (the pink object peaking out from under the ice pack).
How can this sight not make you smile!

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