Monday, April 23, 2012

Smitten like a kitten!

Braylon is just smitten with Pix, he loves to talk to her and showers her with kisses and shows her how silly he is! She is just as smitten with him, she hears his voice and she searches for him, she sees him and she lights up.
Braylon is so good at keeping her entertained when I need to get something done and she doesn't want to be left laying on her play mat or in her swing. He walks over and starts talking to her and she is suddenly perfectly content to lay or swing as long as I need! He is the best helper and oldest brother!
Porter will be the one to kick someones butt for breaking her heart, or calling her names, while Braylon will be the one to console her and tell her everything will be ok. She is one lucky girl!

It is a very special relationship that these two have.
I just adore this picture!

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