Monday, April 23, 2012

How opposite they can be!

There are times when the boys make me stop and think what we did differently when they were young to make them so opposite, mostly that question arises when it comes to their eating habits. Braylon is our healthy eater, he would pick fruit and veggies over candy 98% of the time. He loves eating salads, asks for them actually and loves eating smoothies and yogurt with fruit in it, when he was 2 he declared at the dinner table that he LOVES Brussels sprouts :) While P is very much a junk food junkie, he loves chips, M&M's, and cookies! If there is any junk food in the house Porter will make sure that it is consumed by HIM!
The other day the boys asked if they could have a snack, I said sure, Braylon asked for Yogurt with strawberries in it and Porter wanted chips and dip. So they each got what they wanted and I just watched in amazement as my two polar opposite eaters sat right next to each other enjoying the foods that they like best!

Snack time!
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