Monday, April 23, 2012

Nighty Night

The boys have picked up a lot of "fatherly" instinct since the arrival of their baby sister. They have started playing with Adalyn's dolls, we don't have 1 Adalyn, nope we have 3, the boys each have an Adalyn as well. When Adalyn gets hungry so do their babies and they need to feed her like Mommy feeds Adalyn. They have to get stories read to them just like Mommy and Daddy read to them and Adalyn. On Friday I was getting supper ready and the boys disappeared into our room, when I went to peek in on them, I found them reading stories to their babies, because it was Nighty Night time for them. Their babies were tucked in tight and listening to their "daddy's" read them a story!
Braylon reading the Lion King to his baby (he does a fairly accurate job at telling the story)

Porter was reading Baby Hands love to his baby, he looks like he is enjoying the book a little more then his baby, but that is ok! :)

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