Monday, April 23, 2012

What to do...

Ben and I constantly say that we are too busy, we never have a day to just do nothing... Well this weekend was a weekend with nothing on our agenda, well at least for Sunday! So what do we do with our nothing to do Sunday... We loaded the kids up and picked up Uncle Ziggy and headed to Nick Universe, I think we create our own chaos :)

Porter doing a big No No on the semi ride!

I see trucking in their future ;)

Porter and Uncle Zacky Boy!

Daddy and Braylon

Porter and Daddy

Daddy and Zacky Boy are having more fun then the boys!

Waiting patiently in line for the next ride.

Look at those smiles!

Ben looks like he might be sick!

Cheesy smiles!

A wave for mommy! 

Braylon kept trying to slide off of his "bunny" on the merry go round. I think he gave Zack a minor heart attack a few times!

We had a lot of fun and the boys were very well behaved, Adalyn was along too, she was in her carrier most of the time, she wasn't feeling too good so she only wanted Mommy!
Thank you Zacky Boy for coming with!
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