Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Holidays are always busy for us! Easter we stayed in New Ulm, thank goodness! We try to spend as much time with family as we can, especially because Easter is the holiday that the Briggs come back to New Ulm and we love to spend time with them! But by the end of Easter weekend we were all exhausted!
The whole gang at the Easter Egg Hunt at Church, minus me and Adalyn, I am taking the picture and she was in her carrier attached to me :)

Daddy and Picks (Benjamin and the boys nickname for Adalyn, it actually has stuck pretty good)

Daddy and his boys going down the slide together!

Grams and her boys down the slide next!

The "ladies" Easter Sunday!

Braylon got a Vikings Helmet from the Easter Bunny, along with a wrestler and TMN Turtles movie! He was so excited about getting a helmet like Candon's, except Candon's is not as cool of colors (Sorry Unlce Kevin, Ben's brainwashing not mine ;))

Porter also got a helmet! (We can never just have one of anything), he also got a new Grave Digger that flips and does cool jumps and a TMN Turtles movie as well.

We have a wonderfully amazing Easter. We went to my Grandma's in the afternoon, but I left my camera in the car, my mom has one picture I believe.
We are very blessed to have amazing families!
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