Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our other children...

Benjamin and I have had the opportunity to "babysit" my cousin's two little ones for the past several months, her oldest boy has wrestling every Tuesday and her mom has bowling, so Ben and I volunteered to watch CJ and Kenley on Tuesdays. Well wrestling ended last week, but Ashley had to have surgery on Monday, so we got the opportunity to watch them again this week! The kids have SOOOOOO much fun together and it is like having 5 kids, something I think we could have done, but am glad we chose not to :) The kids are so well behaved and they play great together. Ben said it best the other day when he said it is tradition, why stop now! We have offered to continue to take the kids on Tuesdays so that she can get stuff done, like grocery shop without three kids, or do date night with her oldest since he is 9 and doesn't get much one on one time. Being a single mom is hard and we enjoy having our "other"children on Tuesdays!

Ms. Kenley (or Benjamin calls her Mowgli)

CJ racing his monster truck down the roller coaster.

The five of them (excuse the mess I am getting ready for the Epilepsy drive next Tuesday)

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