Thursday, April 12, 2012

5's a crowd!

Porter has been in his big boy bed for the past couple weeks, there are things that I miss about him being in his crib, like how easy he was to put to sleep, and that he would sleep all night long in his crib! It was a needed transition though, as we found him a few times dangling from his crib upside down, side ways or he would successfully climb out and surprise us all! Since the change, we have had a few nights that we have 5 living, breathing creatures in our bed (Queen size bed), the boys, myself, Benjamin and Reese all sharing that small quarters. It doesn't last long because Ben usually grabs one of them and heads to their room to sleep with one.
The other morning Ben and I were getting ready, and when I walked out of the bathroom I found the sweetest sight, two sleeping boys and a sleeping dog in our places, they weren't there when I went into shower, but they sure looked adorable and comfy!

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