Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Not Fun... Not Fair!

Whenever the boys throw a temper tantrum or are mad because they don't get their way, Ben always says "NOT FUN, NOT FAIR!", usually it is directed at me and it always 99.5% of the time gets them to laugh and forget why they are so upset. However there is that .5% when it doesn't work and it is usually when Braylon doesn't win at something, he gets this very sad look on his face, stares at the ground and will do a very slow walk to the corner of a room and then stand still! He HATES losing, HATES it! We are trying to teach him that sometimes we just don't win, and that is ok, that next time we just have to try a little harder so that we can win. It falls on deaf ears, he just doesn't want to hear about next time. So we usually just have to let him get over it and join the fun when he is ready!
Saturday the boys were racing up the hill from the River to see who was going to win, well Braylon is like a cheetah when it comes to running and his poor little brother is more of a snail, that is until Grammy gives Porter a "ride" to the top and beats Braylon! Resulting in this sad sad walk...

And their off!

Grammy and Porter passing Braylon

Head down, sad, slow walk of defeat!

It is hard to explain to a 3.5 year old that some times we are not going to win, but that it is important to be a good sport no matter what! He thinks I am crazy! NOT FUN, NOT FAIR!
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