Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A gorgeous evening

It was so nice out yesterday! Too nice to just play in our backyard on the swing set, instead we headed to a park after we got done eating.

Daddy and Adalyn

Daddy being silly with Porter on the tire swing!

All of them swinging at the same time!

Porter singing to Adalyn, she was very interested in every word he was saying.

Daddy and Braylon swining together, the boys favorite thing to do!

Braylon loving going really really high!

Adalyn laughing at Porter

Porter climbing to the top!

Braylon down the slide

Porter's turn for a ride!

The boys were pretty tricky, we told them that once they were done going down the slide it was time to go, they would go down the slide stop themselves, wait for the other to come down and then climb back up the slide so that they were never really off the slide! That worked about three times and then Ben went and captured them both :)

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