Thursday, April 12, 2012

Holy Buckets!!!!!

Have I ever mentioned how easy Braylon was to potty train? He was the easiest in potty training history, in my opinion, he went potty when we asked him to and as long as we asked him every 30 minutes he would do is business until one day he told us he had to go and well then came the not wanting to be a baby like his little brother and he refused to wear diapers even at bedtime! Luckily Braylon has only had a few (3) night time accidents and each one was due to either an ear infection (2) or bronchitis (1). He paved the way for potty training in our household....
Than came our Maxie... Well in true "Porter" fashion, he doesn't and won't do what we expect, want or ask him to do, unless he wants to do it! He never has and I am afraid he never will, I wonder if reverse psychology would work on him? Anyway... We have been working with Porter on potty training since he has been a little over 2, about October. I was hoping and thinking that he would pick it up right away because he is so interested in all that the potty has to offer and he really loves to sit on the potty, mostly so he can flush the potty, even if nothing is in the potty... After Adalyn was born we took 500 million giant steps backwards and he refused in every way to have anything to do with the potty, especially using it! We continued to ask if he wants to go, being very careful not to push the subject too much, we didn't want it to become the "dreaded" potty, usually he said No!
Well Porter woke up on Monday and decided that today was the day he was done with diapers and he must wear undies! He got out of his bed and came into Ben and I's room while we were getting ready and told Ben he had to pee, so he gets himself undressed and climbs on the potty and pee's like he has been doing it for months! Ben and I shocked just stared at him and thought, do we pick him up, jump up and down, twirl him around, give him all the M&M's (Porter's key to his heart is M's) he could want and tell him how good of a job he is doing! Or do we say good job, mommy and daddy are proud of you! We didn't want to scare him off. So we offered him a M&M for telling us he had to go and for going, telling him how proud we were of him and how he is such a big boy! That was enough to please that little boy, you should have seen the smile on his face!
Porter has since been wearing undies all day! He did have two accidents last night when we were outside playing, Braylon went through that phase too, playing outside is just too fun to stop and come in and go potty, but the most important thing in my mind is he realized right away that he had gone, that it was uncomfortable to sit in and asked to be changed, and even finished going on the potty. We can't even begin to explain how excited we are that Porter has decided that he wants to be a big boy, not "baby" Porter (as he refers to his old self) and wear undies and do his business in the potty!
As Porter would say "HOLY BUCKETS!!!!!!"
Look at that big boy in his big boy undies!!!!
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