Monday, April 23, 2012

Me and my ducky

Adalyn has out grown her baby bath tub, for about the last month (a very sad moment in the Jensen household, knowing that we have no need for the bathtub every again, so we have already gotten rid of it). So we have been making adjustments to getting her to enjoy the actual bathtub, it has taken up until about last night. She actually enjoyed kicking and splashing in the water. Her favorite part is chewing on her ducky! Her one and only toy in the bathtub and the one and only toy that gets put away from the boys! We might be on the upswing to bathtime enjoyment :)

My ducky tastes so good!

Well hello Mommy, have you met my pink ducky?

Watching her mobile above her changer while getting lotioned up and jammies on for bed time.

Yikes did you just see what I saw?

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